Patriot or paytriot? The funding of citizen journalism

I have made an unplanned transition from telecoms consulting into citizen journalism. Here are my observations on this genre’s funding challenges.

Updated compendium of Great Awakening articles

A revised and updated collection of my more recent articles, that address issues of transformational world affairs and general technological concerns.

Dark and Light: the revolution within

Intellectual intelligence seeks truth outside of us; intuitive intelligence is truth within us. We grow by uniting both kinds of wisdom and learning.

Veterans Day: from deceit to liberty

There is a storytelling job to be done: take tales of veteran warriors, mix them with fresh understanding of deception, to produce truth and liberty.

New Bossmaker video How to Prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

I recently made the trip to the Netherlands to appear on Bossmaker, where I discussed the corporate impact of the ongoing global corruption purge.

Crossing the Schism

Society is divided, and this is not natural: it is the result of deliberate social engineering. A shared reality requires many to “cross the schism”.

#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available

My 3 most popular articles on the global truth and justice movement now have their own website for “red pilling” those who are awakening from slumber.

#TheStorm: How to prepare for a global corruption purge?

We are in the early stages of an unprecedented global change that has implications for every commercial enterprise. How should you prepare for it?

NXIVM: the first domino falls

The guilty verdict for Keith Raniere is the start of a mass justice process for the Deep State — and the media assets who help to cover up its crimes.

Corporate strategy in the age of Q

Here are three ways in which even the most skeptical corporate strategic planner can incorporate Q-type thinking into their business planning.