Strategy consulting and advisory services

We apply new insight from the forefront of network science and product innovation to create value for clients.

  • ‘Software telco’ business model and engineering strategy
  • Network and cloud performance and cost optimisation
  • Broadband business model innovation
  • Personal communications & OTT value-added services innovation

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Technology and IPR

Together with business partners, we offer state-of-the-art technology for network performance measurement, modelling and management

  • The only multi-point network probing and measurement solution
  • The world’s first contention management technology
  • Licensable IPR for performance and QoE monitoring
  • Advanced network analytic technology & modelling methodologies

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Relationships and introductions

We have a deep and wide industry network, and can locate investment opportunities, business partners and potential clients. We also help to promote and publicise client products and services.

  • Business partner search
  • Technical due diligence
  • White paper authorship
  • Industry connections and introductions

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Presentations and speaking engagements

Martin Geddes has a long track record as thought leader and speaker and, including keynote presentations at major industry events as well as private client conferences.

  • Public conference presentations
  • Bespoke customer event presentations
  • Conference chairperson
  • Panel moderation and participation

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Workshops and training seminars

We offer public and private workshops on voice, broadband, and general telecoms, cloud and IT strategy. Our workshops are designed with the support of specialists in organisational development, use professional facilitation where appropriate, and are always presented by the leading domain experts.

  • Network Performance Science and ΔQ webinars and training
  • Fit-for-business Broadband workshop
  • Hypervoice service innovation workshop
  • Private bespoke strategy workshops

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