The final battle for the future of humanity

We must fight on to complete victory because our children need defending

Kids by the pier

Five years ago today I was on holiday in Pervalka, Lithuania with my two daughters, their (Lithuanian) mother, and both of my parents. It is a quiet and beautiful spot, a place amenable to deeper reflection on the happenings of the world. Summoning up all my skill at synthesis in one go, I wrote the essay “WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history” to paint the big picture of what I saw unfolding. By offering clarity with brevity, it resonated with the wider public, and got considerable attention on social media. This launched me into being the “British face of QAnon” — whatever that label may mean to you.

My life has never been the same since, and I have no regrets. The critical thinkers with the courage to resist the Deep State media/WEF/WHO propaganda are doing just fine, whereas those who poisoned themselves with bioweapons are not. There is no pleasure in being on the right side of history here. It is merely to note that the rational and empirical argument about who was better attached to reality is over. Those reading the Q drops (a backchannel from military intelligence) appreciated there was a quiet war on and evaded the deadly risk. Those who were deceived became victims of enemy action: they are now having miscarriages, car accidents, strokes, heart attacks, auto-immune nasties, turbo cancer, and organ failure. Sad, yet conclusive.

My work of the past five years has probably saved a considerable number of lives, although it is impossible and unhelpful to tease out the contribution of any individual from this collective effort of keyboard warriors everywhere. What “anons” are really doing is to jointly hold society together just well enough — through attempted genocide — so that we can skirt around the civil war(s) and/or social collapse that the enemy would prefer we were engulfed in. We may yet have to step to the edge of that particular chasm and look down into the abyss, before stepping back, but it will not consume us.

The claim to be (a small part of) saving humanity is not an idle one. We have real influence over the number of casualties, and quality of society that emerges. The military are providing the “provocation”, and an army of civilians are the “containment”. This is especially important as the Deep State enters into its final death spiral gyrations and tries to take us all out via (dirty) nuclear war, economic collapse, food shortages, environmental false flags, geoengineering, more bioweapons, space alien operas, poisoning of food and water, and whatever else they have at their disposal. The extent to which the threats are contained or mitigated cannot be known, not the likely toll of death and disease. All we can be certain of is that there is a real war going on — that kills.

Speaking of war, this very day, by geographical coincidence, we have the not-original “Joe Biden” at the NATO summit in Lithuania. The character on the world stage swaps which hand he writes with, changes the shape of his ears, and has vanishing tattoos. He was given military funeral rites at his “inauguration”. It is clearly not the original Joe Biden, who we can presume has already been executed for treason and war crimes. The unavoidable conclusion is that we are watching a movie — “The Bidan [sic] Show” — with actors playing roles of these characters, seeding cognitive dissonance in the minds of the divided masses. Everything we see is a wake-up operation to deprogram the brainwashed public, who have no reference point from which to evaluate their own absorption into the hive mind.

A year ago I wrote a four year retrospective on the landmark essay. Rather than rehash the same thoughts, I want to expand on the original bigger picture, as well as look forward to the future. If there is one change for me since I wrote that original 2018 piece, it is that I have gone from being confident about the (compact) scope of the war, to being uncertain about the (unthinkably vast) conflict we are embroiled in. This is not just a Second American Revolution (or Second Revolutionary War of Independence from European aristocracy). Nor is it even a second go at having the first one, as the initial effort was incompletely successful. Rather, it is a much greater worldwide fight over the essence of our species.

Looking back, the critical paragraph in the original essay is this one:

As I have learned more, and done the hard work of fact-checking, my own views have shifted. I once saw Trump as a loud-mouthed billionaire with a colourful history, and the probable lesser of two evils. Now I realise that I was hopelessly wrong—in his favour. I have therefore totally changed my perspective as more verifiable data sources have arrived (with Q just being one of many).

It was a tiny anomaly that got me started: if Donald Trump was an irredeemable lifelong racist, he seemed to be an utterly incompetent and unaccomplished one, which didn’t fit the media narrative. So I started to ask questions and dig for data. Whether I was right or wrong about the man is not important at this point: what matters is that I am willing to adapt in the face of new information, and let go of previous beliefs.

The original essay kept me in my own comfort zone by restricting it to a geopolitical conflict of relatively conventional means constrained to the surface of Earth. Now I can see my “universe of discourse” was under-sized, and I am scrambling to take on the true scale of what we are participating in. I cannot prove all of these matters, but I now have as working hypotheses:

  • This is a battle over (eternal) souls that are beyond time, and the “Biblical” nature of it is not an analogy or metaphor; it’s absolutely literal.
  • There is a complete hidden underground civilisation of which we are mostly unaware, which includes ancient tunnels and massive infrastructure.
  • A great deal of hidden activity is going on at both polar regions, and it matters.
  • There is an off-world element to this war, and I can no longer give you a certain definition of “world” either, since we have been lied to about everything.
  • Teasing apart the psyops from the truth is hard when you cannot visit the poles or go to “outer” up “upper” space in person, but that we are being deliberately confused says that there is something important being hidden from us.
  • We are not the only species involved (on either side).
  • Activity here on Earth with scalar and nuclear weapons has attracted attention from “elsewhere” as it presents risks beyond our neighbourhood.
  • We are seeing an inter-dimensional conflict that involves quantum physics and timeline engineering, as well as an “unseen realm” of consciousness (and demonic activity).
  • Our history has been completely erased and edited, although you can more or less piece it together once you accept that the timeline (from geological to geopolitical) is a complete lie.
  • A cycle of civilisation resets and cataclysms has occurred, even if who or what is causing the resets remains unclear. But we are easily manipulated into catastrophic wars and cultural self-destruction, over and over.
  • The conflict occurs as a base level of consciousness, and we are subverted in our ability to engage in the war by our restricted and modified language (and lack of understanding of symbolism, gematria, and numerology).
  • Genetic engineering is a major part of this conflict, and humans are likely the result of external intervention and intelligent design, which begets the question of who designs the designer.
  • We are living in the clone wars, but don’t notice the clones about us.
  • We as humanity have been enslaved for a considerable amount of time, being used as slave workers, sex slaves, lab rats, organ donors, blood hormones sources, and even food. The battle for freedom is much more than just legal and debt slavery, or human trafficking — and is much darker.
  • The truth is widely available in the media for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, but is presented as fiction, and is often too weird to internalise as being possibly disclosure or documentary.
  • We have been living in a scripted reality with an unseen class of controllers. Events are “predicted” decades ahead because they are engineered.
  • There are astronomical objects and/or cosmic technologies that are affecting our consciousness, and ability to physically participate in a wider galactic civilisation. We’re fenced-in, somehow, and our superpowers of perception are turned off.
  • Parasites and parasitism are essential to understanding how energy is captured and harvested between species. There is an important divide between the primary drive for nurture, and the secondary entities that live off it. It is as much a parasite purge as a war.
  • The war is primarily fought using technologies that we cannot perceive: EMFs, corrupted food, poisoned water, nanotech, darkened skies, AI, synthetic biology. The propaganda element is important, but not enough to explain the level of control over human minds.
  • Transgenderism is a stepping stone to transhumanism, which then leads to post-humanism. Consciousness is completely disembodied and de-incarnated, as if it were some “AI borg in the sky”. The battle is ultimately the mechanics of procreative organic life versus a technological sex and death cult.

It doesn’t matter to me in the slightest at this point whether I get mocked for holding these ideas as possible or likely, since the mockers are self-evidently fools, ignoramuses, and cowards. Your opinions are valueless to me, and casual denigration only works to discredit you. Yes, I may have to adjust my understanding over and over again, but at least I am learning and growing, and that is what matters. I have a “pole star” of where truth intersects with righteousness, and all I have to do is clear my vision of that point and follow it unwaveringly. What happens on the rest of the terrain to those who are lost isn’t my concern.

As a result, most of the society I inhabit has become irrelevant to me: its media culture, its sporting rituals, its political jousts, its religious grandstanding, its commercial selfishness, its legalistic amorality, its technological worship, its narcissistic relationships, its pervasive cults, its poisonous identities. Any kind of worldly validation or vindication has no direct benefit to me; it only aids the cause by drawing those I care about closer to seeking truth. Being alienated from the total insanity is less of an issue when you are focused on basics of time in nature, spiritually awake company, healthy food, clean air and water, and being creative.

Looking forward, it only takes a flick of a switch to launch “rods of god” weapons to destroy enemy targets, play pre-recorded movies of a fake WW3 conflict, disable all the satellites broadcasting propaganda, replace the current corrupt central banking system, or disable our IT systems via cyberwar. The world can change beyond recognition in the blink of an eye, and with no warning — not even time to pop down to Tesco to get some fresh raspberries and bananas for breakfast. It is pointless me trying to predict how things will unfold exactly, as a military plan is necessarily secret and obfuscated.

In the original 2018 article I said “Q has made a hard commitment that July is the month when the truth is made manifest, with resolution by November.” — without realising that we were involved in a long war, and it might not be that July. A year later, this 2019 Q drop told us what to expect (with this seminal video as context):

q drop 3387

Back in 2019 we were two years in, with six to go. In a recent speech, Trump alluded to Memorial Day 2025 being the anticipated end of war operations, although in reality we can expect to have broken the back of it far ahead of then. This is a multi-generational effort to counter-infiltrate the enemy, uninstall them from power, and put in place a new form of government by (and for) the people. Healing the damage done to our land, bodies, minds, genome, culture will take time. There is no clean end to a fifth-generation war; you spend the rest of your life fighting the fallout from those silent weapons.

If there is one thing, and only one thing, that I have learned, it is not to underestimate the scale of what we are grappling with, or the awful evil of the enemy. We are having to reverse centuries of cultural programming, so seeking a date for total relief and final resolution is pointless. The fight to keep our kids away from perverts and Marxists will go on for decades, and is fought at the family and local level. There will never be a day when everyone is “awake”, only degrees of recovery from the mind control. Yet there are actual moments of binary qualitative change that we must cross:

  • That children have been trafficked and rescued by the millions
  • That barbaric things have been going on out of sight, especially to children
  • That the 2020 election was rigged (as were many others)
  • That Covid was a planned crime against humanity
  • That we have meted out justice to traffickers, seditionists, child rapists, and traitors
  • That the US Corporation is bankrupt, the Federal Reserve dollar is no more, and the foreign entity of “DC” is done
  • That the City of London, British Crown, and Vatican’s grip on humanity is over (although bless the honest ones inside these entities fighting the good fight)
  • That the secret societies who control us via the hidden hand are disbanded (and ditto)
  • That we are into a new world where natural law reigns and our rights are restored

As such it is July again right now, and we have some interesting dates ahead: tomorrow is the “Orange-man’s [sic] Day”, Bastille Day on Friday, the anniversary of JFK Jr’s “death” on Sunday, and FedNow launch on Thursday of next week (as well as 30 months since the Biden “inauguration”). Who knows, maybe America will be united again, we will have Christmas in July, before the Sumerian New Year on the 23rd, with a day out of time ahead of the end of the (deprecated 13th) month of Sol on the 28th! I have learned not to make predictions, only to have hopes, and to persevere through the darkness.

At the end of the day, the war is all about those two small kids (not mine) photographed at Pervalka — and what they represent in terms of innocence and the future. They are now considerably older, and are going to inhabit a very different world to the one I grew up in. Meanwhile, the enemy relentlessly is in pursuit of them, and all like them. The young are the ones at risk of sexual corruption, bodily mutilation, genetic violation, cultural obliteration, and physical abuse. You are going to be called all kinds of names by making a stand to protect them, and you should be shameless in doing so. The opinions of adults who collude in harm to children are worthless, and their hurt feelings are none of your concern.

This is the final battle to liberate humanity from invisible chains, and it starts with those who are least able to defend themselves. Those of us who have suffered all these years from isolation and ridicule have already been freed early from the prison of the hive mind. There is a looming period of absolute chaos as we expose the evil to all, and reconfigure — and it is a necessary suffering. All the old corrupt structures have to collapse, so that we have a clean restart to civilisation. Those comfortably sleeping will have to face the consequences of their past choices, be it poisoning or pride.

Those “Q-aware anons” have spent all these years in training, and it has been hard work facing the darkness — both in the world, as well as our own. It has involved genuine sacrifice, and many of us have trauma wounds as a result. It was all for a purpose, and we consented to it, aware of our calling. As public belief in the media lies and celebrity icons fades, we are ready to help when called upon. We will tend to those with psychological wounds from an abrupt encounter with reality. We will be the spiritual and social support, when trust in all else fails. Especially for the children, for where they go one, we all now go, to protect them.

Aš nemoku gerai lietuviškai, bet visi vaikai žino, kas yra meilė, todėl tai nesvarbu.