The Reconstruction of Reality (…or How Autists Saved The World)

10 essays of “On Q” with Robert David Steele

Interview with Robert David Steele

Patriot or paytriot? The funding of citizen journalism

I have made an unplanned transition from telecoms consulting into citizen journalism. Here are my observations on this genre’s funding challenges.

Updated compendium of Great Awakening articles

A revised and updated collection of my more recent articles, that address issues of transformational world affairs and general technological concerns.

Dark and Light: the revolution within

Intellectual intelligence seeks truth outside of us; intuitive intelligence is truth within us. We grow by uniting both kinds of wisdom and learning.

Veterans Day: from deceit to liberty

There is a storytelling job to be done: take tales of veteran warriors, mix them with fresh understanding of deception, to produce truth and liberty.

New Bossmaker video How to Prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

I recently made the trip to the Netherlands to appear on Bossmaker, where I discussed the corporate impact of the ongoing global corruption purge.

Crossing the Schism

Society is divided, and this is not natural: it is the result of deliberate social engineering. A shared reality requires many to “cross the schism”.

#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available

My 3 most popular articles on the global truth and justice movement now have their own website for “red pilling” those who are awakening from slumber.