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Superfast or superfit? The case for UK broadband policy reformSuperfast or superfit? The case for UK broadband policy reform

The telecoms industry is in a symbiotic relationship with regulators, who are pushing a ‘superfast’ broadband agenda. In turn, policymakers focus on deployment of fibre and 5G, as the “new new” way of getting “faster”. The paper proposes two core policy initiatives: change the metrics, and move the money. It also has specific recommendations with respect to BT and Openreach. Download



Broadband service quality: Rationing or markets? thumb

Broadband service quality: Rationing or markets?

“Net neutrality” is implicitly framed as a debate over how to deliver an equitable ration of quality to each broadband user and application. This is the wrong debate to have, since it is both technically impossible and economically unfair. We should instead be discussing how to create a transparent market for quality that is both achievable and fair. Download




Software Telco

Performance and supply chain management

Many network operators are currently engaged in the transformation to become a ‘software telco’. Programmable networks deliver more efficiency and flexibility from the underlying fixed physical network assets. However, this also introduces new business and technical risks. Download





Slow data versus quick data

Big Data requires Slow Data and Quick Data, and you need to put these in the right place to increase rewards and reduce risks. Supercomputer designers have long faced similar challenges: whilst the timescales are different, the issues are the same. There is a transferable understanding that can help CIOs to make good decisions.

In this paper we offer guidelines from supercomputing to help CIOs to measure and manage the risks of using cloud services, and increase the potential for rewards. Download



DCMS_thumbDigital Communications Infrastructure Strategy

Response to Department for Culture, Media & Sport Consultation

This document is a joint response of Predictable Network Solutions Ltd and Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd to the UK’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) consultation on Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy. Download