Direction is easy, but timing is much harder

If making predictions, we can point the general way, but saying when is tricky

Media is the virus

The release of the Durham Report confirms the core hypothesis of the Q drops and allied ‘anon’ movement: there is a ‘deep state’ of unaccountable officials in power, beyond the reach of ordinary public accountability. They plot in secret with the cover of the mass media, and are willing and able to engage in treason to seize power for themselves. In this case, it is the FBI (as well as other agencies) working at the highest levels to execute a coup against the elected American head of state — while Barack Obama and others approved or acquiesced. Now it’s official!

This is the biggest political scandal of our lifetime bar none. You know it is extremely serious, because the BBC dismisses it by hiding it on the regional news page. That said, they do report the core finding — that there was never “any actual evidence of collusion [with Russia]” before opening an investigation. In other words, they framed Trump, which is a high crime that comes with the death penalty. As the Twitter Files also show, the FBI is a terrorist organisation that is a modern SS, but lacking the Hugo Boss dress style. If the shadow government was willing to do this to the elected President, then they are willing to do anything to you and me.

I occasionally check in on an email discussion group of my former tech industry colleagues, and none of this has happened in their cosmology. But then again, nobody is dying from poison injections (despite official figures saying otherwise). Reality will impinge eventually. In many ways, I wish I had been wrong on direction, as we have endured a horrific few years with endless psychological warfare, biological weapon attacks on the public, and the most distressing social upheaval. The burden of perceiving at least some truth through the veil of lies is tiresome and saddening. Yet the discomfort of awareness is nothing compared to the pain of discovering you are the victim of deadly deception.

Knowingly unsafe

Given this context what validates the direction of action, and the five years we have been overtly immersed in this bio-information war, it is a good moment to address a question a reader of my work sent to me about a 2018 essay I wrote — WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event in History.

I’m reading your Q essays and on page 14 you say this: Q has made a hard commitment that July [2018] is when the truth will be made manifest, with resolution by November [2018]. If these promises are kept, then we do not have long to wait until the lights of disclosure are turned on. The darkness will begin to lose its grip of fear upon us as we awaken from our induced narcosis.” I don’t see a date when you released these essays, so I’m curious as to which “July” and “November” you think this all may come to a head. I’m of the mind that my president will be restored to office before the 2024 election cycle, and I also believe that this conviction is not just “hopium”.

The exact reason why I made that July claim on timing is lost in the sands of time, but that isn’t the point. The November date comes from the “11.11.18” in the Q drops, which I will return to below. What is important is that I was correct about direction, but very wrong about timing, and this deserves some reflection. If there is one critical difference between the ‘awake’ and the ‘woke’, it is that the former are humble enough to admit that they are wrong about some things and need to change (a righteous attitude), whereas the latter pridefully cling on the the need to be seen to be right at all costs (a ridiculous attitude).

Dark side of the groom

An artist friend (who I have not spoken to in five years) immediately wrote in response to the article:

You support Trump and the Q people. You think they’re doing good an important work, replacing a corrupt system patiently and judicially. It doesn’t seem to bother you that Trump is racist, misogynist, and homophobic. It doesn’t seem to bother you that he mocks disabled people and that his administration is hell-bent on making life more difficult for disabled people.

And it bothers me a lot that you are not bothered by all this. You’re looking forward to these people bringing about an awakening of some kind. But here’s the thing: the sort of awakening that comes from racist, misogynist, homophobic people is not an awakening that allows diversity to survive. Therefore it is not a true awakening.

History has shown that Trump did nothing to harm disabled people, was falsely accused of assaulting women, and had no problem appointing honest and honourable people to senior positions without regard to their (lawful adult) sexual preferences. There has been a surge in support for Trump and (small ‘c’) conservative values among ethnic minorities, and a mass rejection of the radical left agenda. The smears have all been discredited.

Nothing above withstood scrutiny, and this has been shown over and over. Crossfire Hurricane — “Russian collusion” — was the most serious lie, but far from the only one. At this point, the matter of who was on target about the course of history is a settled matter, and the only remaining question is when “SHTF” and everyone is confronted with the harsh fate of the children who were being trafficked (and rescued). Anyhow, that’s enough set up. Let’s get down to business: why did I get the timing completely wrong?

Plandemic protesters

The first reason is ego. I wanted to be seen to be right, which would have aggrandised myself on the back of the sacrifice of others unseen, who have worked in the shadows for decades to bring us this global awakening and freedom movement. I have the same ordinary human failures. That said, I also have the same ordinary human pain: standing up and speaking out had cost me my tech and telecoms career by this point in 2018, so I wanted the agony to be over quickly, so this was me trying to conjure accelerated events out of wishful words.

As such, I was conceited and needed to be humbled. I can now see that this whole process has been designed to put us through a kind of spiritual bootcamp. Traps were laid so that we would make false predictions, and get a rebuke from the emerging timeline. This loss of face was designed to put us into our place, and not seek personal infamy for having insider knowledge or superior skills of divination. The cost was a minor and recoverable one, since the direction has remained clear from the outset, with constant evidence we are on the broadly right track.

Everything happens on its own timing, and it is easy to focus on the outer world. What was also needed was a reconfiguration of our inner world, as well as our immediate social environment. That is not a quick process, and there is no outside rescuer, at least in the material world. The spiritual aspect of the war was entirely lacking from my analysis, it being all a question of mind and body. Since the war was framed in an intellectual sense, its resolution would be quick, since the mind could see the answer. Now I am older and wiser, and can see that the scope of the conflict includes an unseen realm.

The media is the virus worldwide flyers

The second reason was a naivety about warfare, specifically information warfare, but also about fifth-generation warfare in general. You never reveal your operational plans in advance, and that was a lesson that had to be taken on board. All warfare is deceit, but for some of us that is not a natural thing to engage with: I personally dislike games like chess and poker, as it makes me feel uneasy to try to outwit others by using intellect to confuse them. It has taken a few years to get an intuitive understanding of how propaganda works, and the nature of the conflict we are immersed in.

Indeed, while I saw it as a revolution, I had yet to appreciate it as full-scale warfare dominated by military rules and law. At the time I had no idea that institutions like the FBI were enemy assets, and that this campaign of infiltration had been waged for centuries. The extent to which nearly all trusted enterprises and institutions had been silently coopted by evil was too scary to entertain. There was still a hope that a few senior arrests and trials, exposure of the media, and a clear out of the dirty civilian justice and policing would do the job. That was an innocent mistake.

There was also a lack of awareness of the ‘precision ambiguity’ of the Q drops, which includes the overloading of information (i.e. multiple meanings). The contextless string “11.11.18” was equally an IP address as a date. Or it could be a reference to a military manual. Or the right date, but offset by years, since we are using ‘circular time’ rather than ‘linear time’, with a clock that revolves making the enemy never quite know which passing of the hands is when their time is up. We were still in the process of understanding the coding and decoding of the drops, and the wider information landscape and all the audiences involved.

Q drops with 11.11.18

The third reason is that I had underestimated the enemy and the scale and scope of the war. To this day I am learning things that are in the literal sense of the word, ‘incredible’. The truth is so much stranger than fiction that we can barely begin to credit it, and it has taken me a long time to allow my own ‘Overton window’ to enlarge to a place where I might be willing to accept some things that I previously dismissed as ‘woo’. The entanglement between dark and light may well be of a completely different nature to the purely human and political one I related to back in 2018. The task of disclosure — intelligent entities that span time and frequency — is far greater than anything I could have imagined.

At the more mundane level we humans can relate to, everything is connected, and that happens on many levels. The war joins all nations and all humanity, as we saw with the scam Covid epidemic. It links up all institutions into a fabric of power and control. In involves the deprogramming of populations who have been covertly indoctrinated over generations. The monetary system needs to be reset and rebuilt. The enemy controls energy, food, media, banking, academia, churches, and much more. No doubt there were many ‘Samson options’ and booby traps to be dismantled. In order not to kill the societal patient, this is more like a slow dietary therapy for cancer than the rapid resetting of a broken bone.

It has also been a painful learning journey to see how it all leads back to the children, and their sacrifice. What we are dealing with is not a clash of conventional powers of government or authority, but the removal of a deeply entrenched (child) sex and death cult. The occult side of this war has been an unpleasant discovery, and I am still a beginner at comprehending it. The mastery of the flows of life force sits somewhere at the heart of the matter, and I was completely unaware of our hidden history of suppressed energy and healing technology, genocide and resets. It has taken five years to get to what feels like the end of the initial qualifying training in order to be ready to do useful work safely. Wiser heads are in charge.

Died suddenly why

The fourth reason is that it has taken time to see how the response happens at multiple levels, a bit like a computer operating system. The presentation level (mass culture and media narrative) is different from the application level (daily operations of military and law enforcement). These are distinct from the firmware level (deep intelligence ops over long periods) and the hardware (the underlying substrates of consciousness and information/energy flows). I wanted rapid action at the highest level, which is easily visible, when in reality it was happening at other levels of operation. You can occasionally detect them by their side effects, like explosions deep underground that are part of a clandestine subterranean war.

At the time I did not realise that the whole Trump administration was essentially a sting operation to draw out all the deep state operatives, as well as a bankruptcy process for the corporate state that had hijacked the legitimate constitutional republic. While I had the big picture more or less right in terms of the geopolitical problem and the existence of a solution process, I knew next to nothing about how in practical reality you go about unwinding the level of infiltration without destroying the host. The issuance of the Durham Report shows that we are at the beginning of the end of that process, and it might take another 1-2 years of military government until we see a new free civilian order emerge.

We did not know that there was a nanotech, biotech, EMF, genetic, and surveillance ‘smart genocide’ planned for us back in 2018. Everything we experienced back then was preparation for the hardships and shocks to come. We now have resilience beyond anything that we could have imagined, and reconfigured our lives in profound ways. If the reality of the situation had been fully revealed to us up front, we might have lost ourselves in the many distractions that the enemy offers to take away our pain. It was necessary to give us ‘moveable hope’ that kept the prize of freedom in vaguely visible, and getting closer over time, but unavoidably out of reach in the moment.

Died suddenly protests

Finally, it is all done on divine timing, with the will of higher powers, and to a plan that is not ours. The desire to force events into our own personal narrative is understandable, but has to be relinquished. The glory does not belong to us, and predictions of timing are attempts to appropriate it for personal gain. Good wins, which makes the forecasting of ultimate direction a simple matter. But evil gets to play its cards too. We never know how many rounds of the game we might lose, only that there is a trump card that is played when the moment is right.