Our planetary exodus from being taken hostage

We have been held in captivity, and are being freed, but it took rescuers to do it

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Over the years of writing as an information war correspondent I have come to realise that often the most powerful essays are those that make explicit a reality that we all feel, but have struggled to articulate. The “aha!” moment for me that an article needs to be emitted is realising that something is “obvious” — yet unstated. While there does need to be supporting data to avoid it being all mere conjecture, the power is in joining the dots and saying what fuzzy picture you see, not in boasting how many dots you have perfectly noted.

One of my childhood memories is of the storming of the Iranian embassy in London in 1980 on TV by the special forces. As the mainstream understanding is the relevant one, let me quite Wikipedia for once:

The operation brought the SAS to the public eye for the first time and bolstered the reputation of Thatcher’s government. The SAS was quickly overwhelmed by the number of applications it received from people inspired by the operation and experienced greater demand for its expertise from foreign governments. … The SAS raid, televised live on a bank holiday evening, became a defining moment in British history and proved a career boost for several journalists; it became the subject of multiple documentaries and works of fiction, including several films and television series.

This is the lasting image for me of what a hostage crisis looks like, along with comparable others like plane hijacking, bank heists, and criminals on the run. There is nothing wrong with this perspective, but it fails to capture the full scale of the hostage-taking that has been going on. For that we need to look at a wider scope of the types of hostage situations that have been in play. In particular, we should consider the last 8 years of war, since Donald Trump publicly declared an intent to defeat the shadow government in America and replace it with one controlled by the people (and by implication model the same worldwide).

Humanity has been held hostage for centuries, but we did not know it, because we were denied the tools and knowledge to make sufficient sense of our situation. The last 70 or so years — from the WW2 to JFK era onwards — have seen an intensification of that hostage crisis situation, as we have come into greater danger. Far from history having ended according to postmodern myth, it was doubling down on the pervasive deception, as whole countries and their people were stolen and traded. Let us consider the biggest and most recent hostage crisis, which is the removal of the “deep state” supermafia from power and control.

The situation around 2016/2017 was a dire one. Western governments and all trusted institutions had been infiltrated unseen, by an enemy we still have yet to fully characterise and understand. The bulk of our military had been hijacked, and enemy microchips were scattered in our arms, which could be turned back upon us at any moment. Likewise our civilian infrastructure has been infested with smart bugs and kill switches. Commercial facades like Google and Facebook were used to disguise foreign intelligence agencies that were used for mass surveillance, and to identify our assets and blackmail targets.

The media had decades of experience of mass brainwashing, and AI was taking this into the social media space, targeting our youth in particular. Our food industry was turned into poison, and the pharmaceutical industry was never anything but toxic. Education and academia had been hijacked for industrialised indoctrination of the young. Our financial system was owned by the enemy, and rigged to supply them with endless free goods and services. Our smartest scientists, our bravest political leaders, our most noble military, our best-loved celebrities… on and on… were being blackmailed (via kompromat) and/or intimidated (mainly via threats to their family).

Given this level of enemy power, we can reasonably presume that, like any competent mafia, there were many “Samson options” to leave our beloved Earth very scorched should the techopeasants ever revolt and overthrow their captors. Society could be brought to its knees by turning off the flow of money, electrical power, information, vehicle fuel, and essential goods. We saw with lockdowns that it is not hard to collapse the economy, as most people will gladly go along with suicidal schemes if sufficiently scared (and under the influence of psychotronic arms or neuroweapons too). But there are many other ways in which we are de facto hostages on a planet-wide basis.

Control over the financial system alone via central banking, without a viable alternative, has been enough to keep the mega crooks in power. “That’s a lovely country you have there, and it would be a terrible shame if it got disconnected from the global financial system” ensures compliance of most nations with the globalist creed, especially if their leaders can be bought off with scraps from the stealings. For those who try to go a different route, like Gadaffi in Libya via an African gold standard, wicked military force is used (outside of international law) to initiate a coup or colour revolution.

Nuclear weapons are the standard bogeyman, and remain an existential threat, whether in “classical” bomb mode, micro nukes, or dirty nukes (such as blowing up a power station) to generate vast waves of refugees. Scalar weapons and directed energy weapons add a whole new dimension to the projection of physics power, often unobservable to the ordinary person. Who knows what nasty nanotech has been sprayed upon us, injected into us, or fed to us in the last few years, ready for activation if we try to escape. How much of our military has been under the actual formal command of patriots, versus captured by the enemy and being used against us silently? How many of those submarines we paid for do we control?

Plausibly deniable weapons of mass destruction have taken over from the more explosive tools of the trade — satellite-induced earthquakes, weather disasters, manmade tsunamis, genetically engineered pests, electromagnetic “pandemics”, and so on. The controllers of the planet can easily demonstrate their weapons to countries that are prevaricating on whether to comply, without their population knowing they have been attacked by weapons of war. The tools of the blackmail industry range from the extremely micro at the quantum level (“we can decrypt your bank ledger root key”) through to the cosmically macro (“we’ve got an interdimensional portal we control that can let nasties in”).

At the more (and possibly extreme) speculative level, it seems like we do have eternal souls, and incarnate into bodies. Evidence for this is the flash of light that happens at the moment of conception, which is hypothesised to be the quantum light soul entering our denser atomic body. Our base consciousness (and thus identity) emerges from the infinite vibrational soup of possibility; we are not our bodies, nor our thoughts. “The Matrix” would be an invisible programmatic prison of our soul, with shackles for more than just mind and matter — kind of what CBDCs do for cash, taken to the next level of consciousness.

The ultimate form of hostage-taking would be to trap those souls in an endless loop of incarnation (in a simulation-like container), with the very notion of “time” being synthetic and under enemy control. Erasure of memories at the end of each life as a slave would mean you could not accumulate wisdom, but the product of your creative energy could be harvested. “Ascension” would restore full perception of our reality, and access to all timelines, as our “reality” is reset. Whether this more far-out possibility is true or not, this is what I see being held out, and is worth retelling and debate. It is definitely contentious to some of my spiritually learned friends!

The more quotidian truth is that you and I have lived all our lives as debt hostages; we know of no other modality beyond tax slavery as serfs owned by legal necromancers. I used to think that money makes the world go round, but now I understand that is just one of the methods of control, and a rather middling one. It is a controversial topic, but addiction to “elixir of younth” adrenochrome, that can only be sourced from “The Club”, seems like a potent way to keep people hostage. Child sex trafficking and pornography sales gives you an endless list of people who are compromised, and then under your sway.

Our whole society has revolved around (imperceptibly) taking everything and everyone hostage in some way, to redirect their spirit towards serving evil ends, but with a threat if they do not comply. Even if we consider the mind alone, the depths to which people have been indoctrinated and mind controlled via MKUltra type techniques is depraved and disgusting to behold. Unwinding that, and deprogramming the masses, is an extremely delicate affair. You can destroy individual hostages, and whole societies, by making it go too far and too fast. Again, it’s another way in which we have been kept in chains, and another risk of collapse that has to be faced by any rescuers of humanity from the mother of all hostage crises.

Extricating all of us from such long-term captivity is about as far away from the Iranian embassy siege as you can imagine. Rather than being over in a 17-minute (!) raid — I can still remember the newsflash as it came on live — we have an agonisingly gradual unwinding of all the ways in which we could be made extinct. No doubt the stories of how special forces have scoured the world for all the hidden booby traps will be told in time. Those submarines and missiles under enemy control will have been neutralised. The weather weapons are still being visibly deployed, and we may have another bioweapon or three to survive, but so far we have skirted all the existential risks.

The Q operation was a catalyst for the mass deprogramming process, releasing “conspiracy theorists” as hostages of isolation and ridicule. It re-established the concept of a fact — “who is Q?” — and emphasised the antipathy of the mass media towards investigation of that fact. The more they denigrate all ideas associated with Q while claiming to be legitimate press, without curiosity as to the identity of Q, the greater the contradiction they impale themselves on. That provokes increasing free thought around why the identity of Q is a taboo question, as thus lessens the trustworthiness of the authorities peddling the propaganda. The takeaway is that releasing lifelong hostages from mind control is a slow and tedious process, nothing like bursting into an embassy and letting off some stun grenades.

The next step seems to be collapse of the old financial system, with a new one ready to rise from the ashes, so we are free from debt slavery. That sets the scene for unwinding the price manipulation of precious metals and physical assets. After that, we have sufficient stability to launch the official phase of military government, having been under silent martial law and continuity of government for some years. There are a lot of ways to die in this process, and few to live, so the fact I am still here to write this, and you are taking this in, says a lot about the unseen benevolent forces working to rescue us. Again, it may have moments of transition between systems and paradigms, but the overall hostage rescue project is decades in length.

Our transhumanist enemy wishes to eliminate our species, and detach consciousness from mind and body. In their plan, any of us who resisted were scheduled to be shipped off, and faced a grim fate. Given we are dealing with cannibals (bloodline of Cain) you can guess what they might have done to you and your kids. Those humans who survived their totalitarian assault would have become slaves. We would have been unable to fight back once embedded with synthetic biology, genetically modified, and ridden with brain control technology. Humanity as we know it would have been over.

Little of this has come to pass, thankfully, although we are taking real losses, most obviously via the spike protein jabs, less so via environmental toxins that cause cancer and other ailments. We remain in a planetary hostage crisis, and we are not out of danger yet. It may last another year or two until final victory, although major advances appear imminent. Instead of us being further enslaved, we are watching the failure of their schemes, and exposure of their assets. Higher powers are clearly in play, and we are being freed quickly, even if it feels agonisingly slow.

Most hostages are only just realising that they are captive and being actively harmed, so the most delicate point is approaching as they wake up — and might panic. It is easier to stay sane if we recognise this is a siege situation, and the main method of defeating our hostage takers is indirect attrition to starve them of resources, not direct attack to blow them away. The slow way is the safe way — rescuing a planet is different from rescuing an embassy. The wish for someone to burst in and save us is natural, and we won’t say no to some sudden financial wealth to end the pain of debt. Just hold in mind that our freedom from these hostage takers is won through patience, not paratroopers.