Awakening to genocide to ‘lawful outlaws’

Welcome to bonkers Britain, the police cult state where integrity makes you a criminal

Would your government harm you

I don’t imagine that we can alter anything in our own lifetime. But one can imagine little knots of resistance springing up here and there—small groups of people banding themselves together, and gradually growing, and even leaving a few records behind, so that the next generations can carry on where we leave off.”
1984 by George Orwell.

Satanism is the inversion of everything — truth and falsehood, right and wrong — in order to worship depravity and evil. Paradoxically it honours the holy and divine in doing so, by executing everything in order to defile the pole star of the sacred. As long as a society is thorough subverted this way, its zone of illusion appears internally consistent. The false logic and morality are the state religion of Official Authority™, complete with approved doctrines recited daily on the TV news.

We have passed through the first two phases of this mass slave breakout from the Satanic control matrix, that puts worldly authority ahead of the godly. The first was the initial awakening, as those shackled via chains of lies and debt become aware of their predicament, mostly via the Internet. Next was a (failed) genocide, as the slave masters attempted to reset society, and relaunch it with fresh slaves who knew nothing of who they really are.

Now we are deep in the surrealist post-genocide phase as outlaws in our own land, who abide by actual law — but not unconstitutional legislation. Enough people are aware that the state is crooked, yet the scam carries on, but naked in the open. They commit treason, we know they’re treasonous, they know we know they’re treasonous, but they keep committing treason, and we sometimes are forced to go along with their treason. People who were the most compliant and law abiding are suddenly being pursued for failure to adhere to process that they know is corrupt and lawless.

While the media still promote that the sky is green and the grass is blue, it is no longer a solid norm among the professional classes. The inversions are reversing, but the mass consensus has not yet flipped. Everything seems almost normal, despite the occasional person wearing the Covid muzzle still. We’re a bit poorer than before, and social relations are frazzled, but the superficial appearance of “old normal” is here — for now. Yet too many can now see it is not normal at all, and the days of this system of official power are numbered.

I don’t want to focus on the theory side of maritime law, trusts, and birth certificates. The essence is Satanic, in that it treats the living as the dead, justifying unconscionable immoral acts. What matters here is the lived reality of everyday life in Britain under a system of corporatised and automated “justice”. We are in a thoroughly weird liminal zone where the system’s moral basis has disappeared, and non-compliance is growing. Yet its functionaries carry on defending it, no matter how absurd it becomes. It’s like the late Soviet era, when the communist dream was over.

Tiny infractions of rules for victimless offenses — not wearing a seat belt in the car, possession of a psychoactive houseplant, failure to file a tax return on time — result in penalties that are enforced by a debt-industrial complex actively supported by the police. These quickly mushroom if left unpaid, and the mobsters in control take you to one of two places: you pay up and surrender your life force, or you are destroyed as an example to others. Ultimately your children can be stolen as you are an “offender” and unfit to parent.

Interloper energy billing companies, who technically supply nothing whatsoever, and with whom we have no lawful obligation to interact, entrap the public into contracts. Endless letters harass you as “The Occupier” to give your name and enter joinder, which you can simply return to sender and state “No contract”. Houses are broken into in order to install prepaid meters. “Smart” meters allow you to be disconnected remotely, and due process is not assured. Basic property rights like owning and using a television set are infringed with full support of statute law.

You are intimidated into surrendering your innate common law right to travel as the operator of a personal carriage or conveyance, and instead forced to register as a “driver” (a commercial activity) of a “vehicle” (which is used in trade). You are then presumed to have agreed to all kinds of statutory laws, resulting in myriad fines and even convictions. Speed limits are lowered, bus lanes spread everywhere with complex timing rules, “low emission zones” charge for constitutionally protected freedom of movement. Infractions are inevitable: it’s all about money and control.

Third party debt enforcers routinely present themselves as real bailiffs, using essentially stolen customer data they have from the grey market, and intimidate the public into paying demands that are not proper bills of exchange. They present made-up “debt art” on tablet computers with zero legal force as if they were signed court orders. Police, who are only supposed to keep the peace, routinely support them in breaching the peace of the public. Cars are clamped unlawfully as extortion. Trespass laws are ignored when it is authorities in the wrong.

Those around me are being chased for fraudulent debts from fake courts. I have written extensively about how council tax is fraudulent from start to finish, with no lawful obligation to pay, and completely unconstitutional administrative courts issuing demands for money. Car parks don’t seem to make their money from actual parking, but from huge fake “fines” issued with the connivance of the authorities. They are really unenforceable contracts being enforced via a classically fascist state-corporate axis. We have neither legal nor lawful, just a theatre and pretence.

Meanwhile, it is common for rape to go unpunished, children are being stolen all over with no interest in their fate, and organised crime by officialdom to be endorsed rather than prosecuted. It was all tenable as long as we accepted that this is “just the way things are”, but Covid shattered the legitimacy of the state and many allied institutions, especially the courts and medical mafia. We now know for certain that they are terrorist entities, who only see us as property to be used and abused as they see fit. We the people are increasingly caught in open war with the state.

If you try to hold the system to account using its own rules, then expect to have a rough ride. None of the lower courts care about constitutional arguments, since they are typically unlawful anyway. Your efforts to get access to your data or use freedom of information will be selectively answered or ignored. Judges will routinely rule in favour of what is politically correct, not what is lawful. Appeals will be left to languish if they go against the calculus of power. While the corporate law keeps peace among the sociopaths by substituting for trust and love, ordinary people cannot afford fair adjudication.

All this must be happening with the total knowledge of senior insiders in the legal system and police, who are either actively supporting it, tacitly complicit, or are blackmailed or intimidated into silence. The true nature of the society and culture I grew up in has very little to do with how I was told it works. We are so far outside of the textbook operation of the constitution it’s almost comical. The decorative parts are still there, but the functional part is kaput, with only laws useful to a Marxist agenda being enforced.

The classical view of a police state is thugs who drag us off to the cells for a beating even when no law is broken. Their monopoly on enforcement renders alternative remedy toothless. What we have in Britain is more like a cult of corporate rule to woke values. The police drive around in cars decorated with clownish colours from pride parades, so rather than being feared, they look ridiculous. Rather than being all powerful, they are rendered impotent. No matter how many security cameras they erect, or psychopaths they recruit, they appear pathetic as the narrative they are adhering to has already collapsed.

For the “lawful outlaws” it’s just a question of holding on through this war of attrition until the moment when the inevitable happens. Once one part of this house of cards crumbles, it all goes down, because “if they covered that up, what else…”. The clue is in the name: totalitarianism. It is either total or nothing. The bizarre transitional space we inhabit is authorities with no real authority. Too many of us no longer believe the lie, and no longer fear the consequences of non-compliance.

Why file a tax return to pay a state that’s been murdering your family and sterilising your kids? The moment the money stops to buy off the minions, it’s all over. Soon, I hope!