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Markets are conversations

A different future is coming into view for the telecommunications business. After a century of growth, telcos are finding it harder to locate new markets. Social media services challenge the dominance of SMS and email for messaging. Broadband has failed to deliver the promised bonanza of profit.

This doesn’t look good for established telecoms players unless they raise their game. They urgently need to innovate — to create new revenue models for core voice, messaging and data services, because the old ones are creaking and leaking.

The new money is in delivering the tools for efficient, effective and secure interactions between enterprises and their employees, partners and customers. What we’ll see emerge are a limited number of advanced platforms for communications and commerce, each of which brings together voice, messaging, data, media, payments and delivery.

The challenge for both telcos and new web players is to understand the pain that enterprises feel in connecting, interacting and transacting with their customers, and build communications services that are fit-for-purpose.

The question is this: Who is going to build these communications services of the future?

New advanced services for connected living and commerce

Geddes helps communications service providers create advanced voice, messaging and broadband services.

For telcos, we have developed many new ways of making the basic tools such as freephone, caller ID and voice mail work better. This raises the stakes for user experience, and reduces cost for enterprises through automation. We conjure money and functionality from your legacy assets, by twinning them with new technologies and business models, in order to make you more profitable.

We help web players think beyond the narrow world of advertising to serving a much broader world of everyday business processes. We understand how to grow new search, social media and messaging revenue opportunities that exploit communications capabilities.

We also develop new broadband retail and wholesale offers that create new markets for voice, media and small cell delivery. These offers underpin the advanced application services by delivering them at much lower cost and higher quality of experience.

Typical assignments include API programmes, new voice and messaging products, cloud communications innovation and broadband service delivery over fixed and mobile networks.

Geddes can do this because we have the freshness of thinking, depth and breadth of industry knowledge, and the relationships you won’t find elsewhere.

Fresh thinking for everyone

There is new revenue to be earned. There are cost savings to be had. There are tangible new services and products to be developed. But above all, there’s hope for everyone to grow beyond the constraints of old ways of communicating.

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