When (wayward) sex and (mind) war meet

Reflections on the erotic “peaceful restoration revolution” we desperately need

Everyone has the right to feel safe at night

As it is August, and we seem to be going through a literal “scorched earth” firefight, I thought I would for a change write about something that mixes geopolitics with the intimately personal. If it means anything at all, a Great Awakening is a period where we question many of our most cherished beliefs. It is a recognition that our understanding of life is limited, and we have been subjected to monumental forces of deception and manipulation. As a result. it is both necessary and desirable to step back and reevaluate where we stand on important matters, however difficult.

Whichever place on Earth you wish to make great again, there is a question at the heart of our social order that needs to be addressed. Over the last century or so we have experienced a major transformation in relationships between men and women. In particular, we had a permissive sexual revolution in the 1960s that has now taken on a whole new dimension with radical transgender ideology. I can recommend this article as a summary of how children and young people are now the target of criminal abuse by authorities and officials. It is not hyperbole to say we face an existential crisis, with endemic low birth rates, state subversion of natural parenting, and bioweapon depopulation.

What follows are my own observations and personal manifesto for a “sexual restoration” that leads us back towards peace in the bedroom and beyond. So you know where I come from, I am a father to two daughters, both in early adulthood. I have been married (to a woman), but got divorced; had later relationships with both (many) men and (very few) women; and lived around some pretty wayward people, including trans folk. I also have an HIV+ diagnosis, for what it’s worth, although feel fine. I am no paragon of virtue in carnal matters, quite the opposite. My purpose in writing is to “compost” the manure from my own (mis)adventures, to give others something to think about and discuss.

The life-giving power of sex is also its vulnerability

Everything I was ever taught about the erotic when growing up was in the context of either reproductive biology (i.e. sex for babies) or popular culture (i.e. sex for fun). I now can see how I only received part of the overall picture: sex as a mechanism for the continuation of life and love. What I did not properly understand was how sex is weaponised as a tool of wickedness (i.e. sex for destruction). Sex and war cannot be separated: be it for political blackmail, spying honeypots, closed-off bloodline families, ideological attack, genetic pollution, and covert invasion.

Here in the West we are in a late stage of a full-blown Marxist assault on our society and its core institution, the family. Worse, we have been secretly ruled by a hidden cult that is engaged in widespread “elite gender inversion”. You eventually learn to “read” the immutable skeletal traits of skull shape, hip size, and walking gait. When you do, the scale of the deception is breathtaking. Those who idolise the Baphomet actively worship the disruption of male and female energies. Paedophilia, cannibalism, and human sacrifice are the norm among this small but powerful class. The price of entry to their club is to prove your commitment in disgustingly ugly ways.

I am in no position to moralise about anyone’s extra-marital affair, play at a group sex party, fun and games in the fetish club, happy hours with hookers, or outdoor same-sex romp in the bushes with the boys. This is about a full-blown social and cultural emergency: it is possibly appropriate to push the limit a bit by saying “it’s all about the fucking children”. This is a different category of moral issue. As adults, we have to step back, and see how the personal is connected to the global sexual crime scene we inhabit. It isn’t a conversation we want to have, because it requires us to admit to things that are sad and shameful. We have been so absorbed in our personal pleasures that we have abandoned our joint role as protectors of the young.

Bundles of pride flags

Children ultimately pay the price of our sexual sins

The challenge we now collectively face is an unwinding of some of our own complicity in the “mainstream” sexual culture that has gone badly awry, and is not only making us unhappy, but is risking near-term societal collapse. This does not come from a hectoring and one-up place that I often see from the religious right. I am genuinely pleased for you if you have found a stable, lifelong, monogamous, satisfying, safe, sober, heterosexual relationship. May you live in joy and harmony, and be as fecund as you desire! What I do want to write about is how we must put the interests of children first, while engaging with a much more messy reality for what is probably the majority of us.

Putting children first doesn’t mean we all need to suddenly become “avid breeders”; that is not happening anyway. It starts with recognising that we are in a (sexualised) war, and access to our children is the top currency of the enemy. Our children are being actively targeted for kidnapping (via social services), indoctrination (via schools), prostitution (via grooming gangs), prepubescent sexualisation (via media and drag shows), organ harvesting (via hospitals), and addiction (via porn, vapes, drugs, social apps). Your personal erotic freedoms matter for little if our society cannot replicate itself, and future generations also have life and liberty. This is an existential crisis, and there needs to be a sexual culture “hard reset” to address it.

The principle of personal liberty — that pursuit of pleasure — always is in tension with the consequence of collective survival. I have made many unwise choices in my own life, and seen that immediate impact on my own offspring. Thankfully, it has so far not been ruinous, but it has come close at times. Recognising that there is a vicious war on every aspect of the family means we have to take responsibility for fighting back. The normative roles of men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, partners, lovers, carer givers — all is ultimately judged by whether it delivers another generation, and another, and another. Everything else is in a supporting role in the long run: life or death, pick one.

We have battlefield casualties in the ‘reproduction war’

The data I see says we have been actively subjected to hormonal and endocrine attack, and hosed with endless substances that decrease testosterone in men, and upset the female reproductive cycle. (Whether the female contraceptive pill is de facto a bioweapon is a matter of perspective.) It isn’t an accidental byproduct of modern technocracy, but rather an engineered criminal enterprise over generations to sicken and destroy us. That the average person cannot conceive of such evil does not make it untrue. Yet it demands we reexamine our sexual relationships in the context of unrestricted biochemical and mind control warfare.

We have also been put through the wringer via the Hegelian dialectic and “order out of chaos”. Homosexual men were criminalised and repressed in living memory, then there was “gay liberation” in the 1960s and 70s, which then turned into “LGB pride”. That was later hijacked into something else entirely — “LGBTQ+” — which implicitly aims to erase all identities and boundaries: male and female; straight, lesbian, gay; and eventually consenting adult versus child. The energy of a (staged?) liberation movement was redirected into new oppression, where our media nonstop propagandises us to accept vice as virtue.

This all makes a lot more sense once we view it via the lens of “sex as war”, rather than simple peddling of pap for profit. Recognising this for what it is makes us extremely uncomfortable, because our behavioural norms are no longer individual choices in a liberal society through free will. An invisible (enemy) hand is guiding us towards certain (maximally destructive) outcomes. After the WEF/WHO-led Covid mega-scam, this is now a proven fact, not “conspiracy theory”. For the narrow-minded moralisers and “straight supremacists”, the endless molecular-level attack undermines their sense of superiority. If a poisoned male no longer feels attraction to females (who themselves are being taught to dress and act in unholy ways) it’s just honesty, not perversion.

Pride gathering

The dignity of the individual should not be lost

One of the key observations I have noted over time is how we need to recognise the “foot in the door” method by which our legitimate tolerance is used against us, and the tension that inevitably sets up between individual rights versus collective wrongs. There will always be homosexuals in society: it is an innate part of the human condition in all cultures, albeit in varied forms. So persecution and discrimination is immoral. Yet under no circumstances whatsoever should kindergarten children be exposed to teaching material on anal or oral gay sex. That is a criminal offence that should be prosecuted; it is child abuse.

There is a “red line” of obscenity that should never be crossed. “Sex as war” takes the corner cases, and stretches them into things they should never become. For instance, there are rare intersex people who have both male and female genitalia, and whose outward presentation (after years of medical mismanagement) may not match their chromosomes. They are not transgender; but you cannot tell that from passing in the street. There may be exactly two sexes, but not everyone falls cleanly into a single category. The very difficult challenge is to respect the dignity of such a person, even if they are the only one in the whole country, while simultaneously rejecting male perverts following our daughters into the public toilet.

Love the lost and damaged, but fight the dangerous

The awkward task of discernment is to separate our matters of ordinary (if wild or rare) variation, and even some tolerable vice, from active warfare against the social order that ultimately puts families and children at risk. The ideological labels like “LGBT” collectivise and homogenise what are diverse individuals, each living their own story, deserving respect — even if rather lost. Yet “sex as war” means as a matter of survival we must push the permissive door back to the place where the misfit foot belongs. We cannot leave it wide open to depravity, nor slam it hard shut in a way that amputates the innocent outlier. It is a matter of degrees over absolute rules, for the most part, but that moves in both directions.

My sense is that “trans kids” do exist, but are extremely rare exceptions, with unusually complex medical and psychological problems that you might encounter once in a lifetime, even as a clinical professional. What is happening instead are that ordinary effeminate males and tomboy females are being medicalised into chemical castration and surgical mutilation, without informed consent (or with outright lies). The harrowing stories of “detransitioners” attest to the crimes being committed. Those medics responsible need to be charged, and go to prison, urgently. The knowing organisers (such as with the Tavistock Clinic in London) deserve capital punishment for crimes against humanity. The war on pre-adolescent children and youths unable to give sexual consent has to be stopped with maximum lawful force.

Pride flag on the ground

Institutions over individuals: the role of marriage

You can be the most outrageous flamboyant gay queen on the disco floor, and you still have a stake in a rich family life with siblings, nephews, and nieces. While there are plenty of examples of stable queer families raising responsible children, as well as generously loving straight adoptive families, all of us are served by having a loving relationship with our biological mother and father when possible. Straight marriage is the glue that holds everything together, even for queer folk, and thus its destruction is the most potent force to undermine a society and drive everyone into despair.

I have written before about contract versus covenant type relationships in the context of marriage. To be crude, marriage “done right” is a community coming together to endorse young men and women getting into the sacred childbearing game. That’s because we all carry the burden of responsibility of looking after the delinquent or orphans, so when you accept a wedding invitation, you are implicitly accepting the responsibility to care for any kids if their parents get wiped out (and vice versa for yours). “Yes, you two go shag each other, as long as you agree to feed your own kids, and not dump them on others, and we’ll do the same for ours.”

As such, I personally do not believe “gay marriage” is a thing, as no new children are involved. You cannot advocate or oppose it, as it does not exist. Marriage is an institution whose principal purpose is the stable raising of (grand)children; that it is open to those who are infertile or beyond child bearing age is irrelevant. (As an analogy, it is not discriminatory to give children discounted entry to the movies; we’re all part of the same life journey.) Every single one of us needs to be born somehow, and outside of a transhumanist dystopia, it by default comes from men and women having sex. That the state has involved itself in social engineering is the problem, so evict the state from marriage and “slave inventory management”! It is the willingness of guests to come and endorse the couple that is what makes any marriage “real” in a social sense.

Queer life: deviant, maybe; not degenerate or destructive

My hypothesis is that society needs its queers, but conversely you can have too much of a good thing. The family, and its generations, form the “vertical” pillars of society, holding up the protective roof of norms. The queers are “horizontal” cross-bracing, as they form more inter-family links. Homosexuals are also your reserve of most fierce warriors who can go into battle without having to worry about returning to care for their own children. They are priests who have opted out of childbearing, so can minister to women and families without the sexual tension of competition with other males. They are the cultural innovators, who can focus all their energies into their creative endeavours while at peak vigour, no kids to feed. If you wipe out the weird and wayward, society loses an essential requisite diversity to cope with environmental change.

Humans are wildly diverse when it comes to what turns people on, and I have seen some of that close up. The man who has an underwear fetish, and drawers upon drawers to, err, draw his drawers from. The latex kinksters, the exhibitionists, the dominatrixes, and on and on. Whatever does it for you is just how it is, and as long as there are no victims, it isn’t for anyone else to judge you. It doesn’t even need to be healthy, sensible, or comprehensible to most people. Sometimes society needs the pool of people who are stern warnings, rather than good examples, to be replenished. That’s OK, too. You cannot legislate vice or variation away, and it isn’t even desirable to try to do so.

That said, the “sex war” eventually imposes moral and practical limits. I have seen the urban gay chemsex scene up close, and it is a deadly disaster zone. Hookup apps have erased the spaces for normal human interaction, and we’ve been reduced to dopamine-addicted automatons. Back in the days before smartphones, I saw a quip that the Gaydar website “turned the sexual energy of gay men into frantic typing”. Who could have believed that it would degenerate further from there, into scrolling and swiping? To the extent these technologies are tied to organised crime, intelligence agencies, and cyber/mind warfare they need investigation, regulation, and possibly some degree of prohibition.

Man wearing pride flag

Educate the young about the spiritual side of sex

Our entire educational system has (deliberately) driven out the divine as it has become godless and functional. Sexual education is no different, and the spiritual aspect of sex is grossly undervalued, reflecting the wider society we are in. I now see every sexual encounter as leaving an indelible energy imprint and connection on both parties. The cost of promiscuity isn’t (just) lots of checkups and antibiotics. In a sexualised war, nobody ever tells young men about the effect of semen retention and spiritual development. It’s a non-subject because we’re actively encouraged to turn our potency into a trashcan of Kleenex.

That said, just like how “media studies” is still a valid subject, even if the media is all propaganda, so is “gender studies”, even if radical gender ideology has a say in society. However, it always has an implied spiritual direction, which either acknowledges a natural order to things, or denies it (or tries to replace or oppose it). Reasonable people can differ over what exactly that natural order implies, and its boundaries. But there are boundaries, and we have crossed some — that are now causing us to face a cataclysmic collapse in indigenous populations, and social upheaval from immigration. Our academic and intellectual traditions have lost all sense of the sacred, and the necessary limits it imposes.

Nobody ever offered me a vision of sexual abundance and satisfaction in a spiritually sound and stable relationship. Nobody taught me about the difference of contract type thinking verses covenants. Nobody counselled me that it is wrong for your spouse to deny you comfort and affection, and you should object rather than just get suicidally depressed. Nobody warned me of the truly toxic effects of pornography (I went there long ago, got embarrassingly burned, so never went back). Nobody told me there was a cultural war going on, and that there was an opponent that wished to steal my sexual health and happiness from me! I have struggled and suffered as a result, hence the candour.

A peaceful restoration revolution is required

I don’t believe there has ever been any “golden age” of relationships between men and women in the last few centuries in Western society. The industrial revolution has thrown us off course, and we have yet to regain our true bearings. There have been happier and sadder episodes, but the underlying masculine and feminine have not been in sync. The context of fabricated wars, debt slavery, and social engineering have left us too disoriented. If we are fortunate enough to soon encounter an unexpected benevolent “Great Restart”, rather than technofascist “Great Reset”, then we have a unique opportunity to rethink our erotic culture from first principles.

My own sense of the Great Awakening is that we are becoming aware of how we have worshipped at the altars of false idols which, like Pied Pipers, lure us towards sin and death. The very essence of life is the process of giving birth and nurturing the young, yet this subject tends to be lost in the other battles for truth in journalism, economic reform, clean elections, justice for traitors, and removal of malign technologies. There are some very difficult discussions ahead, especially for folk caught up in the LGBTQ+ death cult, who need compassion and a (still queer) redemptive vision, not condemnation and judgement from prideful straights lacking repentance themselves.

My own lived experience with the erotic is closer to the anti-pattern than the ideal, so take what I have to say from that place. I was the sensitive boy who enjoyed knitting, and hated most sports, so did not relate to the archetypes on offer, and am still searching for where I belong. What I have subsequently learned is that there is a war for our children, but that it is located in a wider subversion of the yin and yang. We are all engaged in a battle to locate our masculine and feminine energies, and restore harmony with those we encounter, as well as the wider world. In an ironic twist, it may be the wayward who have the most acute perspective on the reproductive war: they have the most urgent need to restore peace between its disrupted flows of sexual life force, and the most sensitivity to the dignity of those who don’t easily fit in.