It’s real at last

The inevitable final showdown of the silent shadow war

Just leave us alone

I started this war semi-literate about psychopaths and evil, but naïve to how tyranny and totalitarianism really operate. The University of Corona has done a great job of remedial education. Now, I can clearly see how despots prefer to use fraud. They resort to force when that runs out of room to operate. Deception diverts your free will, while destruction overrides it. In either case, the intent of another is imposed upon you.

We are very close to that inflection point where fraud turns to force. Too many are aware of the deadly deceit by the WEF, WHO, UN, plus long list of national bad actors. We the people no longer unquestioningly accept false media narratives. We are no longer complying with the authorities’ unlawful edicts. Our “Slave Planet of the Unconscious Hostages” has awakened sufficiently to the layers and layers of manipulation. The theft of our life force energy is waning.

There are underground explosive “booms” worldwide that evidence a hidden war. Deeply buried military bases are being dismantled, and their access tunnels destroyed. Another hidden real of military action is above us, which naturally allies to that in cyberspace. The story we are fed suggests there is dominance for the forces of good in these domains. We shall see! That leaves the planet surface as the last zone to be cleaned up.

Freedom is not a gift you get from the government

This requires a massive apprehension of all the criminals who are not already executed or in military prisons: child molesters, human traffickers, murder for profit merchants, pharma poison promoters, warmongers, debt slavers, corrupt judges, and so on. It necessitates the final takedown the legacy mass media, an official announcement of mass arrests, and revelation of all the war crimes. The public need to be informed, while kept out of the way.

It is easy to get riled up by news stories of conflict and mayhem right now. Believe nothing you see on TV: wait until the dust settles, and hold open multiple possibilities. This really is bigger than you can imagine. For all you know the whole galaxy is watching! I can’t even tell you how many species are involved in this war. Most of my ingoing assumptions have had to be jettisoned as we have learned of the millennia of subjugation and multiple past resets.

What I have come to appreciate is that in this war “everything is a sting op, until proven otherwise”. The most important targets are the police, military, and intelligence agencies. A wise friend once counselled me that the powers that be can put shiny objects out there to deceive the Deep State. You and I are not equipped to deconstruct the double agents and separate them from the triple agents. Most commentary is underinformed speculation.

The lads at HM prison service are waiting for you

As a semi-reformed business consultant, I tend to see the world through multiple possible scenarios, each with different probabilities of being realised, rather than having a singular opinion that is my fixed perspective on reality. The trick is to find the right axes to push these strategic scenarios apart. With this objective, we can draw upon the 1965 comedy “Situation Hopeless… But Not Serious”, which is a generic framework to see life’s madness.

Is the situation serious or not? And should be feel hopeful or hopeless about it? My bias is towards a scenario where it is serious, but very hopeful. The end of this war is already decided via a Zugzwang strategy. As long as you don’t screw up, every move the enemy makes continues on a path to their defeat. If you mess up, then humanity goes extinct, so you are encouraged to avoid careless mistakes!

You are I are not apprised of the full nature of this conflict. It is an interdimensional war, a timeline war, a genetic war, a frequency war, a consciousness war, a nanotech war, and more. The framing of it as a bio-digital conflict renders it down to a level ordinary people like us can get our heads around. If you believe that the appointment of the Speaker of the House of Congress is the war’s fulcrum, then your analysis is orders of magnitude out of whack.

Why are working medicines for covid19 suppressed?

Yet there is a place where the unfamiliar big picture and the easily recognised terrain meet. That current focus in on Israel, and the Q drops told us this issue was last to be faced, albeit for enigmatic good reasons. Israel has a history of involvement in short local wars. Its global power comes from its ties to the leaders of finance, media, IT, and more. Israeli military intelligence is formidable in its capabilities in the digital theatre.

Israel is a country as well as a concept. Not all of its citizens are Zionists, as evidenced by many Orthodox Jews who demur. Much like with America, it appears to embody some of the best of humanity, as well as the worst. The smartest and funniest mensches are bundled up with some appalling war criminals. I am not an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, so it is not my subject to comment upon.

What I can say is that I did spend a lot of time examining the events of September 11th 2001, and came to the same conclusion as Dr Alan Sabrosky: it was a Mossad false flag operation (with complicity of elements from other treasonous agencies from many countries). Expressing this viewpoint has provoked outrage among a few of my Jewish friends, including one with connections in the intelligence community. They cannot imagine such a betrayal of trust. Sadly, I cannot change the evidence.

Arrest the greedy bankers

If this is the case, then the truth has to come out, but not at a cost of destroying yet more innocent lives. Done badly, it could end up triggering a new pogrom against Jews in America. Meanwhile, normal Israelis are victims of the Covid lies and attempted genocide by their own government. Palestinians are victims, too, of endless repression by their own and others. Where we are divided as humanity, attention should be on locating the hidden hand that manipulates us.

My hypothesis is that many of the events unfolding in Israel are part of a cover story for their internal efforts to apprehend criminals, while avoiding being taken into custody by the same. It is also a distraction from other events like Ukraine where the criminals have lost control. But what is really important is that we are entering a new phase of the war, which is disclosure of their crimes. All of the blockages to disclosure are being removed, so that we can hear many painful truths, and not be destroyed in the process.

The level of horror we have to confront is hard to fathom. There is a risk of societal breakdown and civil war. It is a pivotal moment, as disclosure removes the power of the enemy to confuse and pitch man against man. When the transhumanists can no longer destroy us as a species, they must delay and derail the dissemination process. Our responsibility is to speak truth, and unify as one humanity, so as to resist their siren calls to turn on one another.

Science not $cience

If we assume WMDs including EMPs are neutralised, then the Deep State’s main leverage points are the power grid (cyber-attack and direct physical harm), financial system (collapse leading to programmable money), and Internet (via subsea cables and DNS). Secondary risks involve sleeper cells in the style of Operation Gladio. Either way, the silent war goes from being covert to overt. The masses will know for sure that we are being attacked. Even if they cannot yet comprehend who is behind it or the reasons.

The current goal of the Deep State cabal is to ignite WW3, as their only way to halt disclosure. By doing so, they would impose their tyrannical order on the resulting chaos. In the final analysis, it is a question of following the money, as economic weapons are the new nuclear warheads. The current financial system is doomed by debt and fraud, no matter who gains the upper hand. Both sides envision a financial collapse. One future path leads to a deadly reset and we lose the war; the other to a revitalising restart and lasting peace. I envision the latter prevailing.

A ”Great Default” is coming, which takes down the fascist corporations, rigged stock market, and monopolistic leviathans of Vanguard and BlackRock. The enemy’s plan to seize every collateral asset on the planet via debt — “own absolutely nothing and be mind-controlled into happiness” — is not happening. The central banking gangsters will be neutralised as a force. Washington becomes a museum to the prior insanity. The City of London is no longer above the law. The Vatican faces existential trouble once its secrets are revealed.

Love over fear

After years of worrying about deadly injections, finances are becoming an issue. Many patriots are struggling, unable to meet rent, mortgage, or car payments. The Great Default means that the pain will soon be shared by all. Operation Sandman takes down fiat US dollar via a coordinated sell-off of Treasury bonds, which ends the war. With no dark money, there are no kickbacks, and thus no fuel for wicked schemes. It will be uncomfortable if you are not prepared, but I don’t envision starvation.

All that I see tells me there will be no nuclear war – but there may be simulated nukes. There will be no WW3 – but there may be a WW3 movie to wake the masses. There will be no alien invasion – but there may be a light show with real energy weapon damage. A psychological state of fear is how you both program and deprogram people. Fear can be deployed for good as well as evil. It has to be this way. But to live in fear is a choice.

Yes, there is a looming psychological mass casualty event as truth comes out and some people break. Yes, there are tectonic weapons, weather weapons, and biological weapons that may be deployed in a last-ditch effort to destroy us. And yes, there are in contrast many blessings, surprises, and healing beyond our imagination to come too. It is a bundle that cannot be separated.

Our forefathers gave their lives to keep this country free and you're just going to sit back and let it become an authoritarian hellhole

To reach that final blissful peace there has to be a denouement: a visible clash of good and evil. It is welcome, necessary, and unstoppable. Each of us has to confront the global showdown on our own local territory. I am in Britain, and I am seeing the war turn to a more tactical level. For instance, there is great concern over what is happening at places like RAF Scampton, where a military base has been converted to house potential troublemakers. Reports say hotels nationwide with “migrants” are receiving possible weapons deliveries marked “UN”.

These locations are being observed by military veterans, who are naturally concerned, as we have had a criminal WEF government imposed upon us. Is this a situation that is serious and hopeless? Or one that is not serious at all? One can safely watch, but it dangerous to assume. We don’t yet know if this is friend or foe arriving. Hotels are not suitable as fortifications, as they are vulnerable to destruction and looting. They don’t make sense as bases for a hostile military invasion.

My research says that this end game has been planned for a minimum 70 years, and the plan as a whole has a heritage that goes back 160 years to the era of Lincoln and the American Civil War. We are witnessing the culmination of extremely long range multi-generational infiltration and subversion, by both sides. The safety of the public is paramount. If your analysis is restricted to just a few years of recent history, it easily swaps the hopeful and hopeless.

No health passports my body my choice

We the “keyboard warriors”, often referred to as “anons”, have trained for this time. We are “anti-kinetic”, in that we fight paradoxically, to make sure nasty things won’t happen. It is notable that a lot of possible unpleasant events have not transpired. Fortunately, we haven’t experienced the activation of smartphone kill switches, as some feared. So anons get the luxury of chilling as the world scene heats up. We have done the inner and outer prep work to stay calm.

Our job is to be a bridge between the old and new paradigms, and help to carry the masses over the void of destruction. It is not our calling to fight the old, and we are not part of the takedown, beyond voting out woke local officials. We are called to engage with the new as builders of a new society, and focus on the world we want to see. This interregnum period is a time to learn how the old is broken, so we do not make the same mistakes, and have the cycle repeat.

At the end of the day this global revolution really is all about the children. They are being trafficked for sex, organ harvesting, medical experiments, torture, and adrenochrome. Everything else is a distraction. Once you internalise that our current world revolves around child sex trafficking, and the unrelenting objective of everything you see is to end it, then it makes more sense. This is our true calling and purpose in being here to fight right now.

I don't need sex my government fucks me everyday

So, what to do as we enter that final showdown? Look up, say your prayers, have faith, ground yourself, stay in nature — as spiritual health comes first. We also have bodies with physical wellbeing needs, so prepare by stocking up on food supplies and having your ‘go bag’ ready. A bit of crypto, gold, or silver doesn’t do any harm. The mind stays calm as long as we stay in touch with each other, which means your local contacts are your key touch points.

Those of us who read the Q drops from 2017 onwards, and ignored the stern media instructions to look away, are being rewarded with an internal sense of safety. We have been told this is a movie, with a scripted ending, that has been planned with military precision. We are being liberated from a cruel captivity we could not formerly perceive. This is not some random or uncontrolled series of events.

The shadow war has operated through backchannels, until it can be overt. That final and very public battle for freedom is coming, and we are as ready as we ever can be. There is every reason to continue to trust the plan, and deny fear a grip on our daily lives. While the final showdown situation is genuinely serious, it is anything but hopeless.

Photographs from London freedom protest on 29th May 2021 to remind us why we fight.