An army of chaplains to combat demoralisation

What you worship is that which you are willing to die for, so worship carefully

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The image above was taken on a train on my way to Sunderland a few weeks ago. Despite all the crimes being documented in the public inquiries in England and Scotland, despite all the excess death that are only attributable to the Covid poison injections, despite all the warnings from whistleblowers and protestors, we still have this wicked propaganda pushing death upon us. The degeneracy of these agents of mass murder is almost incomprehensible. You and I are forced to endure this harrowing campaign of perverted killing, year after year.

Covid “vaccines” do not protect you, they do not protect the ones you love, and they do not immunise you against anything. This isn’t even controversial or contended: the product claims do not include prevention of transmission or infection. “COVID-19” (if it exists and isn’t peptide, arsenic, nanotech, graphene, or radiation poisoning) is conflated here with “flu”, which also has a spectacular record of medical malfeasance and deceit associated with it. The lies are eliding into one metastasised cancer of dupery. This is weaponised psychology using fear, with the sole goal of causing harm, and is the opposite of healthcare.

It is barbaric and evil. We all want it to stop, to have the catharsis of truth, to feel the relief of remedy. To experience these horrors is appropriately distressing. The Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezemov described how these campaigns of communist takeover are founded on a bedrock of demoralisation of the population. Over time I have come to welcome that pain of dissent and resistance to these terrors. If I wasn’t experiencing it, then they would have won by killing me first, so it must be paradoxical good news! It has been years of “nearly there, just another day…” — with faith that freedom will come, if we hold on.

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I rarely watch video, but Ricardo Bosi is not only a hero of mine, but also a very informative one, so I make exceptions. The first 30 minutes of this video, on why the White Hats have taken so long, is absolutely worth your time. He draws the parallels to the North Atlantic campaign of WW2, and the fulcrum — “centre of gravity” — around which everything else revolves. For the protection of the convoys between the USA and Europe it was keeping the enemy down through suppression of its fuel supplies and access to the single Atlantic dry dock in France.

For our positive military operating in a dangerous world, where the enemy controlled nearly every asset, strategy has revolved around operational security. Bosi reminds us that “what the public want” is the very lowest of all the military planning goals. On one hand we have the “ruin risk” of the end of the human species if the enemy gets wind of the plan and what our assets are and where. On the other hand is the depressive state of those who are “awake” and patiently await final liberation. The former goal always trounces your emotive hurt, unpleasant as that fact may be.

Bosi makes a critical point around the nature of the public side of the Q operation via the Q drops. They are meant to be “crazy”, a bit like those spiders webs you see that have been constructed after the arachnids did amphetamines or LSD. A few of us can perceive the intricacy of the mad tapestry of information, whose connections are still purposeful, if unconventional. We have had to be the beacon of hope for the wider community of humanity, knowing that we have proof beyond reasonable doubt that benevolent forces are at work, albeit unseen. “Future proves past” shows foreknowledge of operational plans without sabotaging them, albeit in an aberrant format.

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As such, the “anons” have had to straddle the widest possible psychological gulf. We have been, in a sense, the most isolated, exposed, unsupported, mocked, and denigrated combatants in history — yet with one of the gravest tasks. At least if you were a POW in an enemy dungeon for years you can the minuscule solace of being acknowledged as a warrior and that there was a war on. Anons have had to suffer the burden of knowing the most awful truths about the world. Anons have been exposed to the mutilation and murder of our loved ones, from the inside out, by those we trusted. Anons have endured the constant disappointment of a war of attrition that always was going to be agonisingly slow.

We have had to emit our light even when material supplies have been meagre. Which brings me, at last, to the point that I really wanted to make. Our “power supply” is not of this world, because the anons are an inversion of the standard model of the military. While we might take the moniker of “keyboard warriors”, that is to make an analogy to infantry, when in fact we are more like chaplains. “Normal” wars (a depraved concept of itself) have lots of active combat soldiers, and few priests. This being a spiritual war, and self-defeat the primary enemy, flips it on its head. Our energy comes from the edification of honesty and honour, of which there is an infinite reserve.

By being forced to confront such monolithic wrongdoing and not wavering, we have refined our spiritual intuition and solidified what it is we worship (and will gladly die for). I will shortly be writing about my experience in yet another compromised court, with a fellow Knight of Truth, facing down a corrupted judge, with his pompous arrogance, expensive clothes, and social privilege. We can easily see their greed for power through money, their denuded conscience, and their sinful practises — without being overwhelmed by them. Only the adversity of the past few years could have taught us to forgive those who trespass against us, as without the forgiveness we would be bitter and loveless.

We have all been betrayed by “authority”. I have not deregistered with my old doctor and registered with a new one, despite having moved over two years ago. Why would I? At this point I have close to zero confidence in any conventional medical practitioner, outside of burns or broken bones. For anything chronic I would far rather research for myself, and locate therapies that come without the side effect of iatrogenocide. Yet behind these faceless texts are real people, who also have loved ones who depend on them, just like the prideful judge. There may be consequences for participating in war crimes, but we cannot put everyone in prison, and leave behind a generation of effective orphans.

Bosi foreshadows seasons of grief and mourning coming for humanity, including these people, as the scale of the carnage is revealed. The need for a massive field force of emergency spiritual first responders is now becoming much clearer. The information war is already won, it doesn’t matter how many people at this point you get to follow you on social media, or whether they approve of what you say. The real task is stopping the suicide of those who were tricked into harming themselves and their children. While the anons were on a real battlefield, and took aim at a dangerous enemy, it is a category error to see us as gunners, when we are closer to “soul nurses”.

Most of the institutional preachers, therapists, coaches, counsellors, and doctors are going to be in a state of despair. The chronic demoralisation we have endured will end, and an acute shock of the rude awakening will take its place. We have known it will come, and many times thought we were ready, when it retrospect we were not. They were also subjected to psychotronic and psychological warfare, and we did not walk in their shoes or experience their incentives and constraints. We will not heal them by hitting them! The anons are an army of chaplains, who by overcoming their own demoralisation through self-compassion, have developed the skills to save others.