The Presence of Communications

The Future of the Internet, Web 3.0, and the Human Web

Outside-in always wins!

I produced a paper for a client on “Why mobile SD-WAN is the ‘new cellular’ for ‘cloudular’ remote working”. Sharing it as it is of general interest.

FISAgate and the looming tech and media omnipocalypse

History is on the march, and unprecedented events are unfolding. The uncovering of epic corruption in the USA has big consequences for the TMT sector.

Your capacity planning rules are backwards (so let’s fix them)

Every single telco has got the cause and effect between its network metrics and user experience backwards. Fixing this can easily save a lot of money.

Social media vs citizen messaging: a lost opportunity?

At some point we will have to progress beyond SMS for “government-to-citizen” messaging. This is an opportunity to solve some longstanding problems.

The Great Awakening

Our civilisation is going through a transformative period, where we become aware of deep deceptions and painful truths.

Vodafone positions ∆Q as the solution to “next-generation quality”

Telecoms is reorienting itself from selling bandwidth (i.e. quantity) to managed latency (i.e. quality), as a new Vodafone website article demonstrates.

Why telecoms business transformation is hard

Telecoms is one of the last industries to move from a “supply push” model to a “demand pull” one. We’re lagging because the task is particularly hard.

Conference report Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications 2017

I blagged my way into the rather good #URLLC2017 today. Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s going on, and my take on it, together with notes on each talk.