FISAgate and the looming tech and media omnipocalypse

History is on the march, and unprecedented events are unfolding. The uncovering of epic corruption in the USA has big consequences for the TMT sector.

“Power does not corrupt.
Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” 

― John Steinbeck

It doesn’t matter if you read this article, or believe a single word of it. History is soon going to thrust these serious matters into your face so hard that it will be difficult to focus upon anything else. But if you want some forewarning of what’s about to hit us all, please do read on.

Over the past few months a frustratingly slow legal and political process has been unfolding in Washington DC. It has exposed profound corruption and wickedness at the heart of American government. Given the absolute polarisation of public opinion, the only question is which political camp rightly stands accused of criminal wrongdoing.

The answer is no longer a question of debate, but now is a matter of established on-the-record fact, with due process having been followed throughout. The painful reality is made manifest by compelling independent evidence: the DoJ’s Inspector General first report into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal — with more to come — as well as ongoing testimonies, published documents and agency staff text messages. Whilst the picture of past events remains incomplete, it is already horrifying enough.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court approved multiple applications to surveil Trump associates — and by extension (via three degrees of freedom) the whole Trump leadership team. The “Russian Dossier” used for the FISA court application was paid for by the DNC, and promoted through a network of corrupt accomplices. It was supported by false testimony and forgery.

The dossier’s creation includes apparent support from the British security services and abuse of the “Five Eyes” system. This could be seen as an act of war against the US by a supposed ally. No doubt the consequences will be felt far beyond American shores. Indeed, this foreign element is crucial, since it paves the way for justice under military law.

Senior Obama era insiders have attempted a “soft coup” against the Trump administration — and failed. Many of those involved now face jail for sedition, or execution for treason. There was a very good reason why, at the confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court vacancy, Brett Kavanaugh was asked about the application of military law to US citizens acting as enemy combatants. For many coup plotters, military tribunals will be used, not civilian courts — as a recent Executive Order clarifies.

Newspaper stories were used to support the FISA court case to surveil Trump’s associates and team. These stories were themselves the product of deliberate leaks of fabricated lies. These went straight from the FBI to compromised journalists, with hundreds of documented illegal payments. Furthermore, it now appears that Obama himself worked with former AG Lynch to bypass the FISA court, making emergency surveillance orders to directly target the Trump campaign.

The past corruption goes right to the top. And this is just the beginning: the cover-up is minuscule when compared to the crookedness that is behind it.

In the very near future, President Trump is expected to declassify documents from the DoJ and FBI. This includes copies of the original FISA court applications, the communications between corrupt officials, and the currently classified 20 pages of the DoJ IG report. These will conclusively prove the plot to unseat Trump as the elected head of state.

Yes, it’s that bad, and the impact will shake American society to its core.  Don’t be surprised if there are also details of assassination plans, and preparations to incite civil insurrection.

To understand the extreme measures being undertaken you need to grasp the wider context. This coup effort was the last chance of a psychopathic political establishment to save itself from total destruction. What lies behind it is a Pandora’s Box of conspiracy and institutionalised crime. This stretches back for many decades, and over the whole world, and I won’t delve into it here. Both main US parties are implicated, so it is useless to frame this in partisan terms.

DC is said to be in total panic at present, as some of the coup perpetrators rat the others out. Between now and the mid-term elections on November 6th there is inevitably going to be a tsunami of shocking revelations of unprecedented scandal. As a consequence, the Democratic party faces complete annihilation. The “swamp” isn’t just being drained, it is going to be turned into a dusty desert.

When they go down, they will take a lot of other institutions with them. Both the mainstream media and social media establishments have extremely strong ties to that corrupt political cabal. The mouthpieces of that crime cartel continue to put out endless lies and hit pieces to try to cover their tracks. This isn’t going to end well for them.

Institutions like the New York Times and CNN are in deep, deep trouble. Many of their executives face racketeering charges for committing or covering up organised crime. Assets of the security services working for the British media also pump out last-gasp propaganda to save their hides, but it isn’t working. This is going to be one hell of a ride for us all, as the “fake news” collapses under the weight of its legacy of mendacity.

The progressive and positive image of Silicon Valley is going to be shattered. Google has been providing IT infrastructure for criminal purposes; Facebook has been used for completely illegal warrantless domestic surveillance; Twitter is engaged in illegal social engineering to throw elections; and even Apple isn’t looking like it has clean hands. Netflix has crooked investors and senior board execs; nobody escapes. Don’t even ask about Amazon, it’s not good news.

Expect jail time for prominent executives. @jack, Zuck and Bezos should all look very nervous. Eric Schmidt is 100% toast in my view. Some of the FAANGs will be dismembered under antitrust law, with Google and Amazon being prime targets. It’s a balancing act between public justice, and conserving the economy and social cohesion.

What’s been going on behind closed doors looks very ugly indeed. Those doors are about to be blown off their hinges by the US military, intelligence and judicial systems working jointly together. Tech and media is right in the line of fire: their omnipocalypse awaits.

Buckle up! The storm is near.