What I learned from telecoms

The Future of the Internet, Web 3.0, and the Human Web

Communications poverty the UK

Whilst telecoms policy is focused on developing advanced technologies like 5G and fibre, more basic and important welfare issues are being neglected.

It’s time to regulate Ma Bird

Twitter is the new Public Switched Message Network, but is failing to deliver on its legal obligations as a public forum. It now must be regulated.

Portless networking and container communications

The shift of computing from hosting to cloud to serverless has a parallel in communications technology and products. “Portless” is the new “packet”.

GDPR: Privacy by force or design?

Everyone has had their email inboxes filled with GDPR-related privacy notices. The systemic failure is multiplying: how to divide it instead?

Q is Military Intelligence (so pay attention)

We live in abnormal times, which means unusual methods of government communication with the public. Q is how the Trump administration is doing it.

Just how corrupt is Silicon Valley?

It projects a clean and progressive image, but the reality of Silicon Valley’s power is grubbier. Just how corrupt are the “information oligarchs”?

Can there be competing QoS standards?

The old saying “the great thing about standards is there are so many to choose from” particularly applies to network QoS. How many do we really need?

Does telecoms need a new Network Quality Foundation?

Solving a problem as systemic as interoperable network quality needs supporting institutions. Do we need to invest in a new one to make real progress?