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The journey to broadband experience visibility and control

The broadband industry is struggling to gain visibility and control over the experience it delivers to customers. How to bridge the ideal into the present reality, and provide a realistic path to upgrade our capability to define and deliver service quality?

The great telco quality transformation

The telecoms industry has two fundamental issues whose resolution is a multi-decade business and technology transformation effort. This re-engineering programme turns the current “quantities with quality” model into a “quantities of quality” one. Those who prosper will have to overcome a powerfully entrenched incumbent “bandwidth” paradigm, whereby incentives are initially strongly against investing in the […]

The lean and anti fragile data centre – part 4

In this final part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we examine what the future might look like once the telecoms industry finally emerges from its ‘lean’ revolution, and masters the management of flow.

The lean and antifragile data centre – part 3

In this third part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we consider how the current Internet may be transcended with richer architectures and models that better align to physical and social reality.

The lean and anti fragile data centre – part 2

In this second part of my interview with Pete Cladingbowl we explore how the data centre industry still has much to learn in terms of managing flows of value. The quality control techniques are well known in other industries, but often have yet to be applied.

The lean and antifragile data centre – part 1

Cloud is a new technology domain, and data centre engineering is still a developing discipline. I have interviewed a top expert in cloud infrastructure, Pete Cladingbowl. He has a vision of the ‘lean’ data centre and a better kind of Internet for users to reach it. He also has a roadmap for how these can be […]

Why Hyper Wellbeing is the future of mobile – part 3

Connecting body, mind and lifestyle This continues the third part of my interview with Lee S Dryburgh, the event founder of the Hyper Wellbeing conference in Silicon Valley on November 14-16.

My response to BEREC consultation on ‘net neutrality’ guidelines

To BEREC Board of Regulators Consultation on document BoR (16) 94 Dear Sir/Madam, I am a computer scientist who specialises in network performance. I consult to tier 1 operators, equipment vendors and NRAs. I am also involved in the technical and commercial development of quality-assured broadband services.I have undertaken (in my own time and at my own […]

Hypervoice and the Guardian Avatar

Video interview of me by Misha Maksin on Hypervoice and the Guardian Avatar

Hyperties: “Travel adaptors” for the cloud?

I have spent the day here in Berlin attending my second advisory board meeting for the EU research project reTHINK. I’m chewing over what I learnt about the possible future of the telecoms and cloud industry.