Hypervoice and the Guardian Avatar

Video interview of me by Misha Maksin on Hypervoice and the Guardian Avatar

  • Why people are not comfortable with their voice being recorded?
  • What is missing from the dominant computing paradigm and the way we engineer software?
  • What makes the phone the original ‘internet of things’ thing?
  • How is the Guardian Avatar a virtual identity, a “fourth wall”, and a metaverse browser?
  • Why are most of current wearables worse than useless, and what should they do instead?
  • Why is the existing Internet infrastructure inadequate for the ‘internet of things’?
  • Is artificial intelligence the right tool in the world of sensors?
  • What is the real threat of artificial intelligence?
  • What questions you should ask yourself as a technologist?
  • We pretty much figured out computer programming. What’s next?

Watch the video interview and read the transcript

Misha Maksin‘s day job is as an executive in the financial services industry. In his spare time he takes a deep interest in the future of human-technology symbiosis.

I can recommend Misha’s manifesto “Why flow state is the gateway to wellbeing”.

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