Archives for March 2020

Death of a Supermafia

The “Deep State” supermafia is collapsing. Here are some pointers to give you a sense of the true enemy of humanity. Ignorance is extremely dangerous.

On pandemics, panics, and propaganda

To make sense of what is going on with the pandemic panic, you need to have a big enough “big picture” and recognise the information war context.

#AskTheQ Ignorance is not strength

AskTheQ is a simple question — “who is Q?” — with world-changing consequences. The legitimacy of the mass media is at stake, and the answer is clear.

A year of being deplatformed: Reflections on digital assassination

Being deplatformed is an attack not just on free speech and freedom of association, but also on our ability to make a living. Due process is missing.

Why is Google burying the QAnon source data?

The search rank for the QAnon source data websites is very different on Google to other search engines. This is troubling.

Further recommended media from my newsletter readers

Last week I shared alternative media sources endorsed by my Twitter followers. Here’s an additional set recommended by newsletter readers in response.

Patriot or paytriot? The funding of citizen journalism

I have made an unplanned transition from telecoms consulting into citizen journalism. Here are my observations on this genre’s funding challenges.