On pandemics, panics, and propaganda

To make sense of what is going on with the pandemic panic, you need to have a big enough “big picture” and recognise the information war context.

On pandemics,
panics, and propaganda

I suppose it is an improvement on being a “conspiracy theorist”, but I would never have guessed it would happen. Suddenly, my belief that the world isn’t about to end has turned me into a crazy nutjob! I never realised you could upset someone hooked on fear — just by saying things will be OK.

It is not my competence to talk about viruses, plagues, or pandemics per se. I am, however, quite well versed in media manipulations and unpicking insanities. So let me offer you my best understanding of how to make sense of our situation. Consider this a framework for rational reasoning, not a final answer.

In order to comprehend complex phenomena you need a simultaneous grasp of the big picture (“the map”) and the localised detail (“the terrain”). If all you have are isolated pieces of data about the terrain, you will take any doodle that claims to be a map, hold it upside down, and get completely the wrong idea of what’s real. If all you have is a map, it could be one of a fantasy world, if you cannot ground it in detailed reality.

Having a “small picture” rather than the whole “big picture” works when the world is “simple and congruent” at all scales. But once you add in information warfare, strategic deception, “truth inversions”, social engineering, and mass hysteria, then you cannot assume the “small” resembles the “large”. So looking at virus science without understanding geopolitics could mean you focus on irrelevant detail.

Making sense of the situation often has “reality flips”, as you zoom in or out of a fractal of facts laced with propaganda. The label “coronavirus” is such a complex system, not just a disease or contagion. I cannot tell you how real the biological problem is. There is a range of possibilities once you contextualise it into a “silent war” centred on narrative supremacy via the mass media.

On one side we have factions that seek control over humanity — including enslavement and genocide. On the other are factions more inclined to liberty and prosperity, albeit with different forms of control to keep us safe. One seeks the end of our old world, and technocratic rule with humans as “resources”; the other the beginning of a new one, purged of these totalitarians. The battle to define “coronavirus” and its response is the symptom of an underlying information war between these forces.

The diagnosis of “coronavirus” can be a straightforward medical truth. Equally, it can be a misdiagnosis of another condition with comparable symptoms. Or it can be a cover story for completely unrelated events, such as deaths due to military action in a global corruption purge. Or a complete hoax. The categories exist as statements of fact, like labels on a map legend. Understanding which terrain (if any) has each label requires accurate intelligence which the average member of the public lacks.

Likewise, we cannot know if we are dealing with a single medical phenomenon or multiple ones (e.g. pneumonia due to chronic pollution, biowarfare using multiple vectors, immune system harm due to medications). “Coronavirus” the media label isn’t the same as the “coronavirus” purported disease. This difference is exploited by propaganda to sway public perception, both for good and bad intentions.

The fuzzy terrain and blurry map suggest we adopt a “fallibilist” approach —and hold open many simultaneous possibilities about what is real. In particular, we should be VERY reluctant to take any media reports at face value, for they are never terrain, and at best misleading maps. That’s OK — it is the unavoidable nature of how we picture the world, as we cannot walk all the terrain ourselves.

There are a number of anomalies and data points about the present “pandemic panic” that ought to give one pause, and begin to look for a bigger picture in play, with an enlarged map:

  • The media has been hyping this virus, when the objective data on similar conditions like H1N1 is comparable or worse.
  • We know many test kits have a huge false positive rate, which ought to raise alarms about their purpose.
  • The “virus” seems to have an unusual affinity for highly paid celebrities, politicians, and business leaders with connections to crime (but little exposure to public services)

So what might that bigger picture be? Here is a hypothesis for you to chew over. It is just a scenario — my “fantasy map” — and it is up to you to decide whether it has any relationship to the terrain.

We have been told for 2+ years to expect a massive takedown of the Deep State and the gangster government that has covertly ruled over us. The mafia media has been used as a tool to instil fear into the population — such as through false flags — in order to control the public. This event would also demand removing criminals from the core of our banking industry, and a likely reboot of our financial system.

Such a transition is difficult and risky. The psychopaths who have been in control would no doubt seek a “last hurrah” to stop the meek from getting their inheritance. A engineered global pandemic panic — using a bioweapon — and economic shutdown would meet that goal. So how might the “white hat” opposition react as a “judo” move to counter such a foreseen act?

Well, they would take measures to infiltrate their enemy, attenuate the harm, and mitigate the impact. As with all “false flags”, the injury and death can be all too real. It is just the perpetrator and purpose that is obfuscated. Without intending to be callous, the harm from coronavirus is unimportant in the context of saving humanity, as long as it is sufficiently contained.

A global lockdown for a virus — which may or may not exist or be a threat —both achieves this goal, and is also the perfect cover for The Storm operation. It gives a credible rationale for closing all borders, shutting down all places of gathering which could be targets for reprisals or hostage taking, and gets the public off the streets and into their homes.

You seize covert control over the media to signal a toilet paper shortage
(something that has caused zero deaths during all of history) to quietly get the public to stock up on food in advance. The stock market and many banks are deliberately (but temporarily) crashed as the economy contracts. This strips control from the crooks operating them, and ends the flow of funds for institutionalised crime.

When senior members of the criminal cabal surrender, they “quarantine” themselves to a military prison. This gives a cover story the public can temporarily buy into until the truth is revealed. The military can conduct their operations under the cover of a medical emergency, which is a plausible story. At some point the virus threat magically vanishes, allowing the public to emerge into a new world.

In the meantime, whilst you have everyone at home with their families, you have the perfect opportunity to do a “reset” of their reality. Decades of psychological warfare via the media have divided society, and we need to get back onto the same page. Using the emergency broadcast system, TV, radio, and the Internet you take them on a journey of understanding about the Deep State, the failed coup, and The Storm.

Nothing will ever be the same again, and that’s OK, because we were unwitting debt slaves.

As I said, it’s just a fantasy map, and I’m a crazy nutjob who believes that a world is about to end, but not the world. You have to decide for yourself how “big” your conceptual map needs to be, what goes on its “legend”, which way is “north”, and whether it has any relationship to reality.

And with that, I will draw to a close, as I want to go out shopping for some nice blackcurrant juice. I would hate to run out of my top treat during a completely foreseeable apocalypse. I need to have all my “essential luxuries” to hand for a bit of “camping at home” — so there is no cause for panic.

I hope you feel the same way.