#AskTheQ Ignorance is not strength

AskTheQ is a simple question — “who is Q?” — with world-changing consequences. The legitimacy of the mass media is at stake, and the answer is clear.

#AskTheQ Ignorance is not strength

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”
— Thomas Paine

In the past day we have seen two rather extraordinary and historic tweets. The first is from Dan Scavino, who is Director of Social Media and Assistant to the President:

Dan Scavino - Nothing Can Stop What's Coming

The phrase “nothing can stop what’s coming” — trailing upcoming mass justice — is a common “Qism”:

Q2442 We Are The Saviors of Mankind

The image of Donald Trump holding a violin also reflects his informal name among “anons” of The Maestro. He is adept at playing people via the Art of War. This means getting other people to do exactly what he desires through strategic deception, which includes appearing incompetent when closer to omnipotent.

More remarkably, the President himself has retweeted this, with the following comment:

Trump - Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!

You don’t need to be a political genius to see what’s going on here.

For the past two years the mass media has been repeatedly assuring the public that #QAnon is “baseless” and a “conspiracy theory”. They are fully invested into a narrative that says you should defer to their authority, not seek out source data for yourself, and never question the evidence for #OrangeManBad.

#AskTheQ is the hashtag that demands an answer to the obvious question: so, who is the Q behind this “baseless conspiracy theory”? The same media companies have conspicuously refused to inquire whether Q is related to Trump and his administration, or indeed pursue any serious inquiry into Q’s identity. Now Trump’s social media chief is effectively endorsing Q directly, the President is trolling the increasingly impotent media, and the answer is glaringly obvious.

Q doesn’t tell you to isolate yourself from the mass media, just to understand it is propaganda—and to think for yourself. Q often uses the Socratic method to provoke critical thinking. The Q drops are structured as an exercise in logical reasoning. In contrast, the mass media tells you what to think, and will NEVER point you at Q drops, nor the trove of open source intelligence that they lead to. Those who dispute the Official Narrative are ostracised and denigrated.

#AskTheQ is a litmus test as to whether you are on the side of scientific rationality, or locked into a media-fabricated false reality. It demonstrates the legacy media’s true nature beyond reasonable doubt. For the absence of inquiry as to “who is Q?” is a lie by omission.

There is no debate to be had: the public are clearly being denied a critical piece of information necessary to make up their own minds. To endorse the media’s failure to #AskTheQ is to argue in favour of ignorance. This is not a reasonable, honourable, or wise position to take.

It is not reasonable, because the scientific method is to be generous with the data we accept, and parsimonious with the assumptions we make from it. #AskTheQ enriches our information base, and offers a simple way of understanding the evidence (i.e. the media is run by a mafia, and #OrangeManBad just is another lie).

It is not honourable, because you have surrendered your personal authority to a known lie and liars. It means you are by implication willing to swallow any falsehood they offer you, in order not to admit you have been hoaxed. To put it extremely crudely, “you’re their bitch”, and complicit in the consequences.

It is not wise, because accepting lies as truth leads to violence. As Voltaire famously commented, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” The #1 job of journalism is always to ask; to defend ignorance is a dangerous absurdity.

As #AskTheQ exposes the media lies for all to see, the bigger picture begins to come into view. Robert Patrick Lewis captures the thought well:

The media has taken to calling [#QAnon] a cult, and many conservatives are using it as a badge of honor to call themselves a part of Cult 45. But I see it in a very different light. The most rabid supporters of President Trump are not a cult, but rather a guerilla army in the battle of information warfare.

In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power [from criminals back to citizens], public opinion in the US must be shifted to the point where civil unrest is no longer a worry [when the corruption is revealed and arrests happen], or if it is, to make it such a small number of the population that it can be easily quelled.

The “baseline reality” of our culture has been “hacked” over time by
an omnipresent Cult of the Official Media Narrative. QAnon is a “synthetic conspiracy theory”. It has been cleverly constructed to only attach to #FakeNews, a bit like how a magnetic mine can attach itself to an enemy ship. #AskTheQ defines an “inside” and “outside” to this bubble of collective insanity.

Once the media has labelled QAnon as a “conspiracy theory”, and Q is validated, then everything ever dismissed as a conspiracy theory comes back into play. The lies the “Mockingbird Media” has told for decades are being detonated in one spectacular BOOM. Military planning at its finest, indeed!

One of my Twitter followers puts it this way:

There’s going to be something that Q has said
That will be 100% correct
The Public and the MSM cannot refute it

The first indictments and arrests of senior political, business, and entertainment figures will trigger a shockwave of mass awakening. Ever more evidence will be forthcoming of Q being the “real deal”. Reality has a way of eventually overriding even the strongest delusions.

There is also considerable public demand to #AskTheQ, so it is bound to happen. Just check out the comments on a tweet by journalist Martha MacCallum, if you are in doubt, when she tests the water. The consequences of anyone “asking the question” are civilisation shaking.

As @EsotericExposal puts it: “Manipulation requires a false reality in which its presence will not be felt to the manipulated.” #AskTheQ makes the organised deception tangible to all. As such, QAnon is an abolitionist movement to end such “mind slavery” by a corrupt media industry.

This cruel and illegal manipulation of the public by a “mafia media” is ending under the Trump administration’s anti-corruption purge. Declassification of all the material related to Epstein, FISAgate, Spygate, Russiagate, JFK, 9/11 (and more) will mean there is no argument or escape from the truth. The social, psychological and spiritual impact on those who have been deceived by these lies is going to be severe and lasting.

Another Twitter follower puts it in the context of religious cults, saying many (if not most) “people have lived without truth, [instead] inhabiting a fictional world constructed through a mind numbed by a false reality. … They are just a husk [as a result].” Nobody wants to wake up to find their understanding of the world has collapsed, and their sense of identity has broken. Yet it has to happen.

The sneering condescension that many Q followers have experienced, simply for taking a rational path of inquiry, will boomerang. It will take great fortitude by the slighted to offer compassion and grace, given their mistreatment.

Nonetheless, it is necessary so that we can all heal, and unify against evil.
“Where we go one, we go all” recognises we all have been deceived, and all are complicit to a degree.

The difficult journey from dark to light that we collectively face was outlined 200 years ago by American orator Patrick Henry:

It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope and pride. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

#AskTheQ tells us all where the whole truth lies. Only you can provide the eyes to see and ears to hear it. Accepting the worst of our reality lessens the spiritual cost; fighting it only stores up beastly anguish.