Archives for November 2019

The perception problem: how do you define ‘reality’?

There are many reasons why people come to wildly different conclusions about what is “real”. We explore some of the causes of conflicting perceptions.

Dark and Light: the revolution within

Intellectual intelligence seeks truth outside of us; intuitive intelligence is truth within us. We grow by uniting both kinds of wisdom and learning.

Veterans Day: from deceit to liberty

There is a storytelling job to be done: take tales of veteran warriors, mix them with fresh understanding of deception, to produce truth and liberty.

Epstein, Mafia Media, and their Conspiracy of Silence

The mass media is complicit in covering up the rape, torture, and murder of children by the powerful — among other crimes. Their days are running out.

New Bossmaker video How to Prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

I recently made the trip to the Netherlands to appear on Bossmaker, where I discussed the corporate impact of the ongoing global corruption purge.