Archives for 2019

Understanding #QAnon as the antidote to authority

The Q drops bombard a media-driven battlefield in a narrative cyberwar. Here is how to make sense of them as an advanced form of “information weapon”.

The shoe box and the skip

Ideas can be held as strong or weak beliefs, and I would like to share a useful metaphor for how we relate to them.

The perception problem: how do you define ‘reality’?

There are many reasons why people come to wildly different conclusions about what is “real”. We explore some of the causes of conflicting perceptions.

Dark and Light: the revolution within

Intellectual intelligence seeks truth outside of us; intuitive intelligence is truth within us. We grow by uniting both kinds of wisdom and learning.

Epstein, Mafia Media, and their Conspiracy of Silence

The mass media is complicit in covering up the rape, torture, and murder of children by the powerful — among other crimes. Their days are running out.

New Bossmaker video How to Prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

I recently made the trip to the Netherlands to appear on Bossmaker, where I discussed the corporate impact of the ongoing global corruption purge.

25 questions for the rational #QAnon skeptic

Here are 25 logical questions for a rational #QAnon skeptic. They will help you to choose between opposing narratives: #FakeNews versus #OrangeManBad.

Crossing the Schism

Society is divided, and this is not natural: it is the result of deliberate social engineering. A shared reality requires many to “cross the schism”.

#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available

My 3 most popular articles on the global truth and justice movement now have their own website for “red pilling” those who are awakening from slumber.

The 4 functions of Q

The Q military intelligence program is a pillar of a global political and financial reset process. Here is why it is necessary.