New Bossmaker video How to Prepare for the Great Awakening NOW

I recently made the trip to the Netherlands to appear on Bossmaker, where I discussed the corporate impact of the ongoing global corruption purge.

I recently travelled to the Netherlands to be interviewed by PR guru Ronald Heister, founder of Bossmaker. I made the journey because Ronald’s story echoed my own experience. Having enjoyed reasonable success in the mainstream corporate environment, we both realised something was profoundly wrong in the world. As a result we both went on a personal and professional journey of growth and awareness.

This interview captures my perspective on the Great Awakening through Ronald’s corporate-focused lens. It brings insight from many conversations I have been having recently with wise guides who see the inevitable major changes coming. For example, there are immediate impacts in terms of risk management and governance, as well as opportunities that many will miss because they are obsessed with defending the indefensible.

The video is divided into four segments:

  • What is going on generally in terms of geopolitics (a ‘spiritual war’ hidden in plain sight)
  • What to expect next (a ‘trust apocalypse’ of scandals)
  • The effects of this at the global, corporate, community, and personal levels
  • The need to build a plan of your own — one you can trust — that aligns these

Now is the time to take action. That something big is brewing is absolutely foreseeable, and this is ordinary responsible strategic planning and risk containment in a dynamic world.

The interview is in English — the introduction is in Dutch with subtitles in English. It is an hour in total.