Archives for August 2017

A small gem from the telegram era

We take modern communications for granted, and assume that emails arrive ungarbled. This was not always the case, as a century-old telegram shows us.

VoiceBase is the “Google of hypervoice”

Voice has joined the hypermedia revolution, becoming rich a data type. VoiceBase has taken pole position as the “Google of semantic contextual voice”.

The world’s most accurately measured office WiFi network

Network performance science took a small step forward today, with the first “commodity” high-fidelity service quality measurement data.

Air travel and telecoms: different disruptions, same management problem

The airline industry and the telecoms industry are both forms of transport. How can telcos learn from air travel disruption management challenges?

Do we need “telecoms foodbanks”?

How well does the telecoms industry service the needs of the very poor in developed countries such as the UK? How can we do better?