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∆Q “state of the nation” report Christmas 2017

An update on the current status of the ∆Q ecosystem, and the unfolding quality revolution in networking and cloud.

QoS vs SoQ: How we got network quality backwards

First steps are fateful. Because we have unhelpfully categorised quality, subsequent attempts to engineer it in packet networks have run into trouble.

Dawn of the Network Experience Provider

The shift from a supply-led to a demand-led model is challenging the role of the network equipment provider, shifting focus to QoE outcomes.

Vodafone positions ∆Q as the solution to “next-generation quality”

Telecoms is reorienting itself from selling bandwidth (i.e. quantity) to managed latency (i.e. quality), as a new Vodafone website article demonstrates.

Announcing the Overture ∆Q testbed

Just as a new aircraft is tested in a wind tunnel, any new application needs to have its performance limits discovered in a network emulation testbed.

The 5 steps to scientific network management

Why is broadband so unreliable compared to every other utility service we consume? Because it is not scientifically managed! Here is the way forward…

The 3 things everyone should do to humanise customer service calls

People who work in call centres are every bit as human as you and I. By treating them as such, not as talking robots, we can raise everyone’s welfare.

A new Internet for a new society

The old is collapsing around us. The new is being born. The present Internet has done its job. A better one is needed for the society we must build.

Where is the governor for packet networks?

The progress of steam power was dependent on being able to regulate flow via a pressure governor. Networking has yet to learn this lesson.

Why telecoms business transformation is hard

Telecoms is one of the last industries to move from a “supply push” model to a “demand pull” one. We’re lagging because the task is particularly hard.

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