Archives for November 2016

What Is Your Voice Privacy Debt?

Specialists in secure and private voice transcription, Copytalk LLC, have commissioned the Hypervoice Consortium to write a paper on the issue of using personal voice assistants in industries with strong compliance needs.

Only the polymaths will thrive

The technological past belonged to specialists. In future, we will increasingly demand people who can bring together science, art, design, ethics, empathy, craft, and more; and synthesise ideas from many domains into solutions to deep and difficult problems.

HyperWellbeing 2016 conference notes

A new technology industry is being born, Wellness as a Service. It represents one of the greatest economic and ethical opportunities of the 21st century. It is also a redefinition of the nature and purpose of computer science.

Are quality systems sexy?

The history commerce is also the story of the development of quality systems and their supporting institutions and conventions. Here I summarise a book that documents this evolutionary process.

How to implement drum-buffer-rope for telecoms networks?

Drum-buffer-rope is a standard quality management technique for manufacturing plants. If you work in telecoms and haven’t heard of it, that tells you a lot about the maturity of quality management in our industry.

The Personal Carer is the new Personal Computer

The Personal Computer revolution is evolving. Having shrunk down into a pocket-sized device we carry all the time and everywhere, it is about to evolve into a fundamentally new thing, the Personal Carer.

Rethinking the quality management system for telecoms

A significant barrier to progress in telecoms is not network technology, IT systems, or the products on offer. It is pervasive and invisible: the management system in use, and its implied paradigm for quality control.