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How to X-ray a telecoms network

When a human feels a persistent pain, they go to the doctor, who will attempt to diagnose its cause. One of the great advances in medicine was the ability to cheaply and non-invasively see inside the body using X-rays, resulting in rapid and accurate diagnosis. When a telecoms network is sick due to poor performance, […]

Google and American Airlines

A pointer to the future A few years ago I wrote a white paper predicting that communications services like telephony, email and messaging would evolve to service the needs of enterprises wishing to interact with their customers. A small harbinger of that future just arrived in my inbox today.

Introduction to ‘ultracomputing’

I have been working with several clients in the SDN/NFV space, all of whom are trying to make sense of the transformation to the ‘software telco’. The challenge they all face is that our future distributed computing needs are qualitatively different in scale compared to the past. That in turn dictates that a whole new skill […]

Fit-for-business Broadband Workshop

London, 27th March 2014 The Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop is a one-day event for executives and industry leaders responsible for buying, operating and developing business broadband services. We draw together the state-of-the-art in network performance science together with new insight into broadband economics and regulatory policy.We have already issued VIP invitations to select industry members, and are […]