Fit-for-business Broadband Workshop

London, 27th March 2014

The Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop is a one-day event for executives and industry leaders responsible for buying, operating and developing business broadband services. We draw together the state-of-the-art in network performance science together with new insight into broadband economics and regulatory policy.We have already issued VIP invitations to select industry members, and are now opening up places to the general public. These workshops are popular, so you are advised to register soon to ensure your place.

What is the workshop about? 

Enterprises buy commodity broadband services and put them to use for many purposes. However, they have little prior indication whether a given service will be fit for any particular purpose, and lack visibility of its actual performance in use. Using “speed” as proxy for quality does not guarantee outcomes, and results in unnecessary expenditure on unneeded capacity. Furthermore, the properties of commodity broadband change over time for both better and worse, so enterprises need to understand the range of variation and its potential QoE and business impact.

In this workshop, we will explore what “fit-for-business” broadband means; how COTS broadband offers meet (or fall short) of what is required; and how to source the least expensive services that are fit-for-purpose.

Who is running the workshop? 

I am running the workshop in collaboration with Predictable Network Solutions Ltd (PNSol), the world’s only network performance science company. Event production is by NG Events Ltd, the UK’s independent focus for next generation broadband transformation, who are responsible for the popular NextGen conferences and roadshows.

What will I learn? 

We will help you to:

  • Discover a robust and simple framework to think about fitness-for-purpose.
  • Understand the unmet demand and value users seek from business broadband.
  • Explore the reasons why current approaches fall short of meeting that demand.
  • See how to resolve these issues to create ‘fit-for-business’ broadband supply.

Who will be there? 

The event involves a select group of senior forward-thinking executives responsible for the development and operation of broadband-based business products and services who are:

  • concerned about the cost, performance and sustainability of broadband services
  • drawn from operations, strategy, purchasing, product and technology roles
  • working in large enterprises, public sector agencies, public service networks, fixed and mobile network operators, equipment vendors, cloud service providers, systems integrators and regulatory and policy bodies.

Attendance is limited to 25 participants to provide opportunities for rich conversations with the event leaders.

Why should I come? 

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Gain critical insight on the limitations of ‘speed’ as the sole supply criterion
  • Improve your judgment by enhancing your grasp of key networking principles
  • Be the most informed buyer of network equipment and services
  • Obtain a language in which to discuss issues around network supply and demand
  • Learn a framework within which to assess the impact of new technology/equipment developments
  • Lower the risks of application failure or cost increases

Attendee feedback from previous workshops

“Profound is not too strong a word for the quality attenuation concept.”
“The first time I have seen a flow approach applied properly to networking.”
“A fascinating day about a new way of looking at broadband.”
“Great day, good debates, lots to chew over. Kudos.”
“Thanks for showing limitations of incremental bandwidth.”
“A valuable use of my time. It was really eye-opening.”
“Very interesting, very useful. I would like to help you get your ideas through to more people.”
“A very thought-provoking, fun and interesting day.”
“Changed the way I perceive the network.”
“Many thanks for inviting me to this event. It was very useful.”
“Very high quality exchange of ideas.”
“A great event – great team and attendees.”
“Your focus on ‘hazards’ and ‘trades’ and the related opportunities were enlightening.” 

Pricing and registration

The price is £495+VAT. To learn more and to register, click here.

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