Today’s double deplatforming!

I am definitely annoying the right people

Let’s keep this brief as it’s gone midnight on a Saturday. My audiobook has just been deplatformed by and Walmart Kobo, in addition to Bandcamp. My censorship merit badges also come from Audible, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Telegram, Patreon, Medium, Dropbox, Amazon, ConvertKit, YouTube, Twitter, and Mailchimp.

Aren’t I doing well?!?

I have uploaded a free copy (ZIP format) to Odysee for you to download on a “pay what you want” model (see README.doc). Grab it and give it to all your friends on memory sticks, upload to a dozen torrent sites, republish it all on your work or university networks. I am not going to come running after you seeking any fees (as long as it’s for a non-commercial outcome!). Even then, I might just grin at your entrepreneurial zeal!

Fook ‘em.

PS — More on the 11:11 Make Censorship History campaign soon. We have switched blockchain networks for technical reasons, and are ready to recommence collectible sales.