Cannedcamp! Banned in a day…

My entire Bandcamp account has been disabled without notification

Censored by Bandcamp

Yesterday I announced my “pay what you want” audiobook:

Open Your Minds to Change Audiobook on Bandcamp

Today it is gone.

Sorry something is not there

Not only is the audiobook gone, my entire Bandcamp creator account has been disabled without any notification or warning:

So I cannot even log in to access support, or check on sales. Even totally corrupt Amazon lets you view historic sales reports of censored books! Does this constant persecutory behaviour strike you as the action of legitimate publishers, or a criminal racketeering operation? It’s almost like someone powerful doesn’t want people to discover what I have to say…

I now have censorship merit badges from Bandcamp, Audible, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Telegram, Patreon, Medium, Dropbox, Amazon, ConvertKit, YouTube, Twitter, and Mailchimp. I make that thirteen, although having a mathematics degree exempts me from being able to count properly. I feel quite pleased with myself, since I must be doing something right.

As usual I have the inconveniences of deplatforming: answering email from people who follow the broken link, loss of reputation and income, finding a new service to offer the content on, re-announcing where to find it. Even writing this update takes time; it’s 2.30am and I haven’t processed any of the photos I took today!

At least it earned myself and the narrator around £300 in the 13 hours between announcement and account termination, which is something. I also got a few nice comments (notified via email):

For my favorite writer, photo-artist, nongrifter. Thank you for all you are doing for us. Very talented and courageous.

Thank you Martin Geddes for your words; for sharing your mind in words instead of writing computer code for more compensation. I have enjoyed what I have read of you so far. I once supported you through Patreon. Now they’re part of the dark side for censorship. Dark to Light!

I consider this a success: I have exposed Bandcamp as yet another Marxist front for communist type thought control. All of these corrupt platforms will burn to the ground when people discover what they were complicit it. Those responsible for these crimes be held to account. I don’t care if I ever get compensation, it’s not the point; damnation and ruin for these criminals will suffice.

I shall be announcing a cunning anti-censorship initiative in the very near future that might justify the moniker “professor of mischief”. In the meantime, I have real costs. I just paid Squarespace £240 to host two websites that replace content previously deplatformed by Medium and Mailchimp. I have about $1100 to pay to WordPress in two weeks for my own website hosting. I even paid Bandcamp $10 for the “pro” version to get convenient bulk track uploads!

If economic attack via endless censorship annoys you, then you can help to insulate me and narrator Anik Todd from its unpleasant consequences. I will split anything that goes into this tip jar 50:50 with him. Every time I get censored, I make sure that creators are not made to suffer alone!

You can still buy the audiobook at various retailers. Alternatively you can send via my usual support page, and I will distribute any funds as I see fit. I have other collaborators who are suffering because I have had to spend so much time dealing with repeated deplatforming and delayed projects we are working on.

If you want to support me causing heroic havoc to these crooks on an ongoing basis, the best way is to sign up via SubscribeStar so I have some stable income on a platform that supports free speech. I can be benevolent to others if I have anything above my needs. I promise I will terminate the account should the day ever come when I no longer need public support.

Information war is tedious, isn’t it? Well, at least we win in the end. Plus I have some serious naughtiness in mind — soon!

In the meantime, have a calming picture of leaf that I just produced… (the picture, not the leaf, that was magical).

Autumn Leaves