Make censorship history!

Announcing the “11:11 Million Buck Book Challenge”

Make censorship history

What if there was a really cunning scheme to punish censors, protect creators, discourage future deplatforming — and initiate a revolution in how content is published as a bonus? Well, no need to dream, here it is! It just needs a little participation from you… to fight back and make censorship history.

After one of my previous bannings (there are so many I can’t recall which) I did my usual announcement email. I also told people how to support me… given every attempt to generate a normal living gets sabotaged by crooks stealing my income and time. Martin’s playful inner child also started to wonder how he might turn this situation against the bastards in the most charmingly naughty way possible.

Fight back! Scarcity is your new friend

I have a small remaining stockpile of copies of my own book. I sold one of these rare cultural objects to an inquirer for £100. After all, there are no more of the initial run being made, ever. Then I sold another to someone else for £200 who said he wanted one. I am a computer scientist, so I like powers of two!

But why stop there? Doubling down on price is good for you and the environment. If people are paying a lot for copies of my censored work, the content must be really important, right? So I floated the idea on social media of selling off my remaining physical copies of Open Your Mind to Change using an exponential pricing scheme.

The goal is to appropriately resource myself, my team, and my collaborators. It also gives two fingers to censorship by making me (and those I work with) financially better off than if no censorship had happened. After all, it was not me that created the scarcity of this first imprint, it was Amazon! The enemy’s economic attack will backfire in a most spectacular manner.

The immediate response from one of the slimy social media trolls to this prospect was “it’s always about the money”. At that point, I knew for sure it was a superb idea, and I must do it as soon as possible! If my foe wants me (and my associates) to be poorly resourced, then we should be well funded instead. There’s no shame in that, as I know it’s not about the money.

I didn’t choose to make cash acquisition the metric of success at information war, but if that is how the enemy insists we keep the score, then I aim to win in style.

Fight back! A double bind for the critics

Screw Amazon and their commie friends! Let’s make as much noise about this censored content as we can — by using their own platforms and crimes against them. After all, you can always get my ideas for free as a download; this is just optional premium packaging on sale. There is no profiteering involved whatsoever.

With this “double the price each time” model the last censored book sells for over half a million bucks, which is real money, and brings in over $1m in total. As the headline price grows, so does the story and attention. What is more delicious is that the trolls who accuse me of “grifting” can’t legitimately complain about this scheme. I didn’t create the shortage and price premium! It was the racketeers who they partner with.

Their moans only draw more attention to censorship and this paradigm-changing sales process. If they laugh and mock for not (yet) selling the “million buck book”, they still lose, because they are discussing my work, and helping to drive sales and free downloads of the current imprints and formats.

So their critical efforts just drag them further into tar pit and continue our streak of #WINNING. If the propaganda merchants engage, I win anyway. If they ignore me, I and my frens conquer the battlefield unopposed.

(I hope you are grinning too; I like my new job as “Professor of Mischief”.)

Fight back! Blockchain enables new sales models

I have partnered with fellow miscreant Matthew Lawler, who produced the paperback book cover pro bono. He is a superb graphic artist and ace human. He has produced a series of unique digital artworks that align to the theme of each chapter. We are selling these as eleven bundles — each of one physical rare book, and one unique digital artwork. Matthew has some big plans for how to use this revenue to achieve important patriot goals.

The artwork is authenticated and uniquely assigned to you as an “NFT”, which is posh tech speak for a blockchain certificate of authenticity. This also proves that the physical book you own isn’t just a random reprint you made and pretended to sign as me, or one you bought from someone else that I happened to sign in the past. You have a double assurance of the store of value of your investment.

This is the virtual equivalent of “museum grade” for the most censored “new master” written works of our era, rather than fine art by the “old masters”. By engaging with this initiative we are all “making censorship history” in every sense: I aim to make this projectinto an inflection point. We only make censorship history once.

The 11:11 Million Buck Book Challenge demonstrates the potential to adopt new technology to bypass roadblocks by the content cartel. Let’s stop being passive victims and do something creative instead!

Fight back! Use 11:11 numerology against them

There are eleven copies of the book, which I can sign as you see fit as the solo buyer. There are eleven paired and unique digital artworks, which have value as cultural icons in this project. The price keeps doubling as the scarcity increases, kind of like a “reverse Ponzi scheme” where all the buyers make out instead of getting ripped off. As the next person buys a book at double the price, the value of those bought earlier rises, and those who step up quickly are rewarded.

These are also hard assets (one physical, one virtual), and may someday be sold to museums or collectors for outrageous sums, so make for a wiser buy than any Amazon stock you have in your retirement fund. Better to own an original Geddes than those Federal Reserve slave tokens that are going out of fashion anyway due to inflation and bankruptcy…

The very existence of the 11:11 Million Buck Book Challenge is also a story, and I plan to milk it for all it is worth! Get as many people to wake up as possible, and as many lives, marriages, children and souls saved as quickly as we can. The true objective is to help others to take the “short cut” that I have offered via my insightful writing; cash is just a tool for doing the job.

In the meantime, the first book and digital collectible are for sale. We have a number of plans for what to do with the income — I have a team to run and pay, and Matthew wants to launch a new publisher using this as a template for censorship-resistance built in up front. So let’s embrace, extend, and extinguish the censors!

Fight back! Make their crimes a payday for us

We are transacting in cryptocurrency only so as to avoid deplatforming by the usual suspects. The first book is priced as as 4 SOL on the Solana network, which is around US$600, having sold the first two for roughly 1 and 2 SOL. There is a “smart contract” on the blockchain, and you should read the commercial terms carefully before buying, including the resale clause.

If you are confused by crypto and need help, we will talk you through it —reach out to

The first “digital collectible” NFT is titled “Badge of Honor” to reflect the overall theme of our initiative. Being censored is a sign that you are exposing the weakness of theives and cowards in power. Lies are inherently weak, and liars prefer to have unchallenged control over the narrative. Being censored is a compliment! This is just the tip…

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, please share this article and NFT website as widely as possible and make Amazon hurt for their actions. Nobody should have to endure the criminal and economic assault that I have endured for years. Enough is enough!

This first bundle will sell almost instantly, I expect. Most of you who click will find it “sold out”. That’s the point; the fear of the author missing out on an audience and income is replaced by the fear of missing out on buying a resalable cultural asset that could appreciate in value extremely quickly.

Better luck with the next one (at double the price)!

Fight back! Make censorship history

There is exactly one copy of each book and NFT artwork at each price point. I will be announcing each bundle as they become available, and making more comments on the themes of each chapter. We are also pioneering a new hybrid digital book publishing method that eliminates the need for author advances, and the power of publishers and gatekeepers.

I have a few final copies of the first edition banned imprint that I am keeping back for an even naughtier project to cause even greater havoc to censors. Game theory, financial derivates, and mutual insurance can be combined to make deplatforming future authors… highly inadvisable. I am designing a novel sales process with instant blowback for these cheats.

Karma is lovely, but takes time, and some of us are impatient for justice. My inner autist is very pissed off, and it shows. You’re all tired of this stupid power game, too. We have to work together and act to stop it.

Let’s make censorship history — together.


PS — One last thought: this also means that everyone who bought a copy of the first imprint from Amazon has an asset that has appreciated in value due to censorship, and Amazon hasn’t captured that value. That alone is worth the giggles of getting the 11:11 Million Buck Book Challenge to succeed.