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Lockdown is for Criminals; Vaccine Passports are for Animals

I have a bit of a grab bag of administrative missives to share with you all.

Support the Porky Pint’s fight for freedom of commerce

One of my friends is Paul Henderson, who not only runs a small telecoms start-up, but is also the business owner of the Porky Pint pub up here in North East England. He has defied the unlawful rules on “lockdown” designed to strip us of basic rights of commerce and free association, and is racking up large legal bills in the process.

His fight is one of principle on behalf of all small businesses. Paul isselling his personal assets to cover the cost of a collective benefit of truth and justice. I have therefore encouraged him to set up a fundraiser so all Patriots can share a little of the sting of the inevitable financial pain. These cruel lockdowns are designed to impoverish and weaken us so we cannot fight for our children’s safety and future.

Paul bought me my laptop when I needed a new one — so if you’ve enjoyed my essays or photos in the last year, you have benefited from his generosity. I have already returned the favour on a personal basis on this occasion with a donation. If you can afford to share some slack cash, and especially if you are British, this is a critical fight that we cannot shy away from.

If nothing else it will prove beyond doubt the corrupt court system is beyond repair in its descent into defence of depostism. If we win, then others will be encouraged to fight for their rights and overcome their learned helplessness. Waiting for someone else to free us from tyranny or to oppose tyrants is a surefire way of ensuring you live under the thuggish boot of oppression.

Even if you cannot support financially, please share this on your social media so that others may be inspired to turn apathy into action. It is via “viral social superdistribution” that we can overcome the censorship and the hardship it imposes on those who speak up loudest.

Thank you for your help for me!

I wrote two weeks ago that I had my own struggles, having taken on a whole bunch of costs in making an unplanned move out of London for personal safety and wellbeing reasons. This incurred a ton of expenses I wasn’t equipped to meet while also being under nonstop censorship and economic attack, which undermines my innate ability to fund and feed myself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who generously have supported me. It has totally saved my ass, and I now have a place to rent lined up, some transport ready to buy, stores built up for the winter, helpers paid for their help, a bit set aside for possible hard times, and the (very stiff!) costs of interim accommodation and a rental car covered.

I sadly cannot send individual and personal thanks as PayPal seem to have updated their interface. I can neither see the email address of the sender, nor can I use their new messaging feature as every single message I try to send appears to get blocked. It’s almost like they don’t want me having a record of my own supporter base…

One judgemental and ignorant person wrote to me asking how dare I ask to be funded for seeking to “support your two homes, however permanent or not”. The reality this day is I have zero secure and liveable homes I can occupy — although in a WWG1WGA world I have many doors open to me. I am also protecting the vulnerable “offstage” in ways that should stay private.

I couldn’t do this job without the love and care of many people who understand the psychological stress and the practical strain of being a political dissident against a sanitary dictatorship. We are standing against a ruthless mafia looking to steal everything we hold dear by any means, no matter how diabolical and immoral.

Some people have empathy with the hardship, whereas others (regrettably) do not. So to those who “get it”, and “gave something”, my absence of personal “got it!” tokens of gratitude is not a lapse of manners; I just lack the mechanism to reach you.

Recommendation for a Virtual Assistant

Over the last year or two my inbound correspondence has mushroomed to the point where I can’t manage it all on my own. Right this moment I have about 500 unanswered personal emails in my correspondence piles, all of which deserve some individual response (even if just an emoji and my initials as acknowledgement!). Giving personal encouragement is a core function of my implicit job description.

Another 120 messages sit in a queue of content that has been recommended to me. Over 100 actions sit awaiting triage to add to my kanban productivity system. About 40 items await purchase (many trivial small things), but I’ve not had energy to get them yet. People who persistently are, err, “generous” in sending unsolicited info to my personal inbox each get their own email rule and folder so I don’t get overwhelmed by their well-intentioned kindness.

Thankfully this year I have had a volunteer assistant in Liane, who stepped up to make it manageable for me. I would rather be able to pay her the going rate for her good work, but that’s outside my means this moment. However, I can in gratitude for her commitment to the Patriot cause let you all know there’s an ace virtual assistant looking for paid work!

Liane is based in France, and takes on work for clients anywhere. If you’d like to learn more about Liane and her capabilities…