The censorship never ends…I have been deplatformed. Yet again.

This time it was GetResponse after a single email saying I had been deplatformed by ActiveCampaign. As always, no rule or reason or notice or remedy on offer.

GetResponse Compliance Department

I have now been censored by GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Telegram, Patreon, Medium, Dropbox, Amazon, ConvertKit, YouTube, Twitter, and Mailchimp. This isn’t just a matter of civil liberties, suppression of truth, and silencing of dissent. It is also economic warfare and very personal.

Here is my situation at present. I have left London for now, as many sources are telling me that I should get out of cities for my personal welfare, and my job is best done in a place of safety and sanctuary. I made an urgent relocation up to the North East of England a week or so ago.

The area is beautiful (if poor and post-industrial in places), the community spirit is strong, and the patriots are plentiful. And it has been stressful. The small home I made for myself in London is now left behind as a “patriot safe space”, but I have to cover the rent nonetheless. I am paying for a rental car, and really need to buy a used car of my own. I am in temporary accommodation, but need a place to live that is secure and I feel comfortable leaving my belongings.

My own endeavours to support myself — paperback book, audiobook, NFT digital collectibles, art prints, paid content — are constantly stymied and slowed by this criminal racketeering. I have been given some helpful sums of money recently and they have been spent on essentials of preparation, moving, an emergency trip to see my daughter abroad, and needed medical equipment for a friend.

I have been working with a colleague in America on a project “11:11 — Make Censorship History” (the double meaning is intentional), and will be announcing this soon. I value the dignity of work and self-sufficiency. Nonetheless, it is unfair that I am taking so many hits on behalf of the collective, and I need a base from which to relaunch myself. Right now I need to fully stock up for a hard winter, get in the practical supplies I need, and cover some unplanned costs.

Out of sight I am also fighting the “needle rape” in schools at a very personal level, helping with the local effort up here to fight medical apartheid, and providing shelter and support to someone who is vulnerable and deserving (and who offers much spiritual and practical support in return).

If you would like to help me to bridge my “cost gap” while I re-establish myself, now would be a great time to chip in. I have put my details at the link below, at least until Google deplatforms me.

I have a lot to share and content ready to go, but need to keep my wheels rolling, tummy fed, and laptop keyboard dry for a bit while I find my feet again!

Love from near Middlesbrough,
PS — I am trying Substack as an interim way of managing my mailing list.