Open Your Mind To Change

Open Your Mind To Change

Earlier in the year I launched “Geddes On Q”, a collection of ten essays on the Q phenomenon. At some point I will turn these into a “proper book”.

I am pleased to announce a follow up “not a book” — a collection of ten essays loosely themed around the “Great Awakening”. This documents my own journey of awareness and awakening over the last three years, and captures the essence of my research and self-education.

The ten essays (with links to original articles) are:

I am offering them as a free download as a Word document. I want people to be able to easily cut and copy this content to repost it elsewhere. It is Creative Commons licensed — see the preface.

In the next few weeks the election fraud sting in America will be complete and everyone who betrayed their country will face the consequences. It is going to be ugly as foreign countries are shown to have engaged in acts of war, and continue to support the insurrection. There won’t be a civil war in the USA, but there will be a need for the military to put down the insurgency. The recent exceptional military aircraft manoeuvres appear to be a rehearsal for a massive take-down around Christmas or New Year.

A lot of people are going to be totally lost when SCOTUS rules the election invalid and endorses the military tribunal route. They still imaging “China Joe” is going to become President. And they have no idea that every election everywhere is going to be called into question as a consequence.

I hope my essays can smooth their transition back to empirical objective reality. 2021 is going to make 2020 look easy in comparison.