The Silent War and Digital Soldiers

“Dark power” conceals itself in order to sustain itself. We are in a Silent War to expose and eliminate it. Digital soldiers fight against corruption.

The Silent War and Digital Soldiers

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.”
— Niccolo Machiavelli

One of the most powerful things one can do is to name a previously unnamed phenomenon. The conflict was are currently immersed in seems to be picking up the moniker The Silent War.

Its occulted nature is that Silent War happens in the shadows, under the ground, in secret, in the skies, and beyond perception. Just as the Cold War was “like industrialised war, but visibly fought everywhere between nations”, this Silent War is “like ye olde war, but invisibly fought everywhere and by everyone”.

To make sense of what seems to be going on, I have some data points that may be of help to you. In How we stay blind to the story of power the British investigative journalist Jonathan Cook writes (with my emphasis):

Very obviously power’s main concern is the ability to conceal itself. Its exposure as power weakens it, by definition. Once exposed, power faces questions about its legitimacy, its methods, its purposes. Power does not want to be seen, it does not want to be confined, it does not want to be held accountable. It wants absolute freedom to reproduce itself, and ideally to amass more power.

Here he hints at the potential for (unaccountable) “dark power” to create systems to reproduce itself as a kind of parasite on the (accountable) “light power” of civil society. Where might this take us? He continues…

That is why true power makes itself as invisible and as inscrutable as it can. Like a mushroom, power can grow only in darkness. That is why it is the hardest thing to write about in ways that are intelligible to those under its spell, which is most of us, most of the time. Because power coopts language, words are inadequate to the task of describing the story of real power.

Note that this is from someone who identifies with the political left. Power that comes from secrecy and deceit is on a good-evil axis, not left-right. Invisible dark power entraps people, usurps their free will, and appropriates their resources — so as to fuel its evil ends. These in turn are presented as being meritorious and virtuous to its victims!

Carrying this theme further, in The Origins of the Deep State in North America, Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret writes (again my emphasis):

If a society can be kept under the control of their belief in what their senses tell them, then the invisible structures governing their behaviour will remain mystical and unknowable. More importantly than that, those intentions shaping such structures towards a pre-determined goal will also remain unknowable. If unknowable, then beyond the reach of judgement, and if beyond the reach of judgement, then unchangeable.

This suggests that such “dark power” might be sustained over very long periods, and with specific goals in mind. How long? Well…

This has been the great secret of empire since the days of the Babylonian priesthood and Babylon’s whore Rome, since whose collapse, three more incarnations have manifested themselves in the forms of the Byzantine, Venice and Anglo-Dutch empires. This is the dynamic at the heart of what has today come to be known as “the Deep State”.

There is a simplistic view of society that “dark power” is confined to small-scale “conspiracies”, and that these cannot coalesce and become a cancer of criminal culture. Exposure would be too easy: one whistleblower, and the media would pick up on it. The existence of totalitarian societies shows this to be false: dark power can grow to displace the light, via violence, subversion, and deception.

In the case of the modern West, what if the mass media was itself corrupt to the core, and little more than a mouthpiece for Globalist gangster government? What if an alliance of secret societies, intelligence agencies, bloodline families, corrupt officials, and usurious bankers colluded to rob the rest of the population and enslave them? What if they used extortion, blackmail, and mind control technology to achieve their ends?

The false assumption of many is that such a totalitarian “Deep State” couldn’t happen. An “incredulity barrier” stops otherwise rational people from seeing what is staring them in the face. The Western mass media has sold them endless false flag attacks, fake health scares, and fraudulent
politicians. Nonetheless, the masses keep on watching the TV news, as if it were healthy and wholesome factual information.

This is captured neatly by the indomitable @StormIsUponUs:

StormIsUponUs tweet

The battle we are immersed in is one to awaken the masses to a very unpleasant reality. Crimes against humanity have been occurring on our watch, and without us paying attention. Millions of children are disappearing into human trafficking networks, never to be seen again. Billions of people are being poisoned by their food, environment, and medicines. Everyone is being ripped off by a banking system founded upon debt slavery, asset bubbles, and warmongering. The corporate media is just a mouthpiece of this structural elite.

So what if the “good people” organised themselves — likely over a long period— to change this tragic and longstanding state of affairs? What if there was an exigency to this process, as the cancer of corruption threatened to kill its host? What if we are right now witnessing The Silent War break through into the open?

The following anonymous post from the boards (that I have truncated) comes via @M2Madness:

Tweet by @M2Madness

The Silent War has a traditional kinetic component. For instance, there have been many seismic events that would indicate the destruction of underground military bases, for their signature is not a natural one. There is also a spiritual component, as the Satanic method is to invert right and wrong, and to encourage good people to join in movements with bad outcomes by persuading them (by deception) it is the moral thing to do.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is an information war. The mass media has been weaponised by criminals — many of whom are loyal to foreign states. This means these institutions literally are an enemy of the people. The “guns” of information warfare in the hands of citizens are computers, internet connections, and social media. This fight for narrative supremacy — between the Deep State media and the Patriot public — is now coming to a head.

Which is where “digital soldiers” come in — to borrow a term from General Flynn. We are an irregular insurgent force on a real battlefield, with physical world consequences to our fight. This very newsletter is a piece of terrain in the war: I have chosen to speak my mind and to fight. I am a strategic communications asset, too, likely monitored by the military as a consequence. Glad to be of service!

For some of us have seen the enemy’s eyes, and we will not cease our pursuit until their propaganda factory is out of action. No more will we tolerate media being a tool to protect the guilty and ruin the innocent. The days of naively allowing our family to be socially engineered via purported
“entertainment” are over.

The mass media’s control over the public psyche is dependent on the true nature of “dark power” remaining concealed. Crucial to the mass media’s grand deception is that the “dots” — of wars, crimes, and crooks — do not get joined up. The public’s attention is endlessly drawn from one manufactured story to the next, without them ever being connected. There has, until now, always been a new distraction lined up ready to seize the headlines should anything awkward come to light that needs to be buried.

As digital soldiers, our battle is to connect what was not connected, to set upright that which was inverted, and to shine light on that power that was previously in the dark. We provide a true, transparent, and accountable alternative to the corrupt corporate mass media. This conflict will be won when the masses get the “big picture” of dark power — and how it has abused, robbed, and enslaved them for generations.

Expect a noisy Great Awakening to end the Silent War.


Andrew Breitbart - This is war.
Andrew Breitbart was on the political left until he saw its corrupt reality up close.
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