Open Your Mind to Change paperback re-issued

Second imprint is on Barnes & Noble after it was censored by Amazon

Martin Geddes paperback book

At last! I have finally gotten around to re-issuing my popular book Open Your Mind to Change. It was originally published on Christmas Even last year, and then was censored by Amazon in April. Banning with no good reason is the new content “stamp of quality” — you can’t be sure you have hit the target until you are deplatformed!

I plan to have a number of distributors this time to keep it online. The first is Barnes & Noble. I have had too many things coming at me for too long, and this should have been done months ago. I have upped the price to $17, both for its symbolism, and also to maintain a sane payout to me after print and retail distribution costs.

You can also get the audiobook on the following platforms for $14.99 (which I am tempted to raise to $17 too!):

The PDF, Word, and ePub editions are all free to download at I am interested in offering this book via “patriot publishers” too — get in touch via if you know anyone who I should be speaking to.

In the spirit of “I did have time to write you a short letter, so I didn’t write you a long one”, the value of this book is in its succinctness — and thus brevity. I put a lot of effort into compacting my perspective down into a short and easy read (84 pages). I feel it offers a “short cut” that saves endless hours of web research and YouTube videos.

Here is what Amazon’s top positive reviewers thought of this content.

Must reading for any thinking person. In my view, Martin Geddes’s pithy book is nothing less than a secular explanation of overarching archetypal biblical views by a person whose professed views are anything but biblical. In short, he addresses the fundamental issues of good versus evil in modern terms that both believer and unbeliever can understand. Essential reading.

Exceptional and understandable distillation of a complex subject. Excellent book. Geddes does an A+ job of taking a HUGE amount of detailed information and putting it into a small AND understandable format. He is also an exceptional wordsmith. I found myself stopping several times a page to make notes of his eloquence as quotes I would use later to inspire people (giving him credit of course). I have bought this book for friends and family who are open to give them a concise and accurate overview. We want more Martin!!! Thank you for how you share your heart in your prose. It really comes through.

Help for the Deceived. Absolutely the best explanation of what is and has been happening in our World. Thank you for a brilliant look at what we in this upside-down reality are experiencing.

Essential Reading for every person of conscience. Martin Geddes is one of the geniuses of our time. This simple and concise book lays out the basics of human development exploring the depths of all aspects in our current societal awakening in a clear and understandable language. His grasp of intelligent compositional writing makes this reading palatable whether for the beginner or those who have discovered their own Great Awakening and became Digital Soldiers in our current paradigm.

You must open this book with an open mind…it challenges and reassures you. I wanted to share with you just a small portion of what you can expect from this short read as well as encourage you to purchase multiple copies to share. Even those who don’t like to read will not be intimidated by the 85 pages. It’s too bad, really, this page isn’t 850 pages, but then i suppose it’s reach wouldn’t be as great. My video review is my first time reading a book I’ve purchased on Amazon. I really could have just opened any page and found something compelling to share.

Yes… Open your mind! Discovered Martin Geddes on Twitter…miss him after they knocked me from the platform. Brilliant man sharing his insights on this current political climate. Read this man’s work!

PROFOUND. Extraordinarily insightful! Incredible organization of truth! This book is packed full of hope in our seemingly hopeless times. A highly recommend this book!

Do yourself a favor and get to know Martin Geddes. I purchased two copies of this book…one for reference and review and one for sharing with my “sleeping” relatives.Martin Geddes is brilliant!

Mind blowing information! This is required reading for anyone who has questioned this so called “reality” perpetrated by fake news ! It’s written in a way that it is easily understood by the novice, who finds their on a journey to find truth ,in this crazy world we live in!

Eyewitness to History, READ this book now. At the most crucial moment in American history, we are blessed not only with brilliant leadership complimented by the most clever team in our history to assist in the defense of our American republic. These are the times that try men’s souls but for once the brains in headquarters are prepared and ready.

Obviously well below Amazon’s quality standards! 😎