Censored! Amazon’s river of red ink…

Martin Geddes book censored by Amazon.om

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

It is shocking but unsurprising: today I got an email from Amazon saying that they have deplatformed my book in both paperback and Kindle forms.


During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found that the subject matter of the following books is in violation of our content guidelines:

Open Your Mind to Change: A Guidebook to the Great Awakening _B08RC9GP5H & 1736393707

Our content guidelines apply to all book content, including the book interior, cover image, title and/or book descriptions. As a result, we’ve removed the books from sale on Amazon.

For more details about KDPs content guidelines, visit Help:

If you have questions or believe you’ve received this email in error, please reply to this message.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Amazon Content Review

Pretty much all the user reviews were 5*, and the comments of reviewers said it was one of the most important books they had ever read. I have received zero complaints from the public. Amazon continues to publish books on many extremely controversial topics. It just seems you cannot mention election fraud, medical fraud, media fraud, or tech fraud.

If you click on the link to the book you get this rather insulting substitute content:

Amazon Page Not Found

Amazon give the impression the user has put in a wrong URL. There is no message to say the work has been removed; it has disappeared into the infamous “memory hole”, along with all the customer reviews.

I have experienced similar censorship by Medium, Mailchimp, Patreon, and YouTube. The pattern is always the same: no notice given, no contravening content specified, no broken rule listed. Just my content gone in an instant! There is never any opportunity to resolve the issue. Nobody accountable is ever named.

It is almost like there is a widespread conspiracy to censor the truth about fraud…

People often asked me why I was selling on Amazon given that I already knew they are corrupt. Well, I now have the marketing strapline “As banned by Amazon!” — which is the second best endorsement available. (Donald Trump personally handing out copies at Mar-a-Lago would be the #1 spot.)

Funnily enough, the Maricopa election audit is in progress, and I wrote the only book in the world (that I know of) that described the “digital coup” and predicted that it would be exposed. The mass media is attempting to fan insurrection and racial conflict, so as to force a civil war onto America. This censorship feels like an attempt to suppress public understanding of the failed coup that implicates both Big Tech and the Fake News.

Amazon is a criminal enterprise. So are many, if not most, the Big Tech players. They are waging war against the public and attempting to suppress evidence of their criminality, and that of their (often foreign) backers. This will only stop when their senior management go to prison for racketeering.

My deplatforming today will result in the usual replatforming costs to me:

  • Lots of inbound admin email as people find dead links, and ask why they can’t buy the book.
  • Wasted effort like this newsletter and all the correspondence that goes with it. (I love you all dearly and welcome feedback, but I am also finite.)
  • Loss of income just as I am on the cusp of mainstream popularity. This is exactly what happened in 2018 with my famous essay as it crossed 250,000 impressions. PayPal tips then made up a big chunk of my very modest takings.
  • Finding new publishers and going through the whole cycle of republishing (and having to pay for assistance to perform all the relevant formatting and deployment).
  • Re-marketing of the book on the new platform.

I anticipate the usual total silence from our hypocritical authoritarian “liberal’ friends. They have never had any trouble rationalising away censorship by those they personally judge unspeakable and their works indefensible (whether or not they have read a single word). Their commitment to free speech is shallower than a drop of water in a sieve.

So, what to do? Well, each of the essays in the book is also available for free on my various websites:

You are very welcome to point people to these. The main benefit to me is that it drives signups to this newsletter. Unlike social media, email lists are portable and hence hard to deplatform. This is as good as any time to offer to you my appreciation and gratitude for your continued subscription and support!

You can also read the preface by Robert David Steele here. (He was just deplatformed by PayPal to sabotage the BigBatUSA tour. You can help to fund this worthy event here. It is time to put all our resources on the “freedom” bet. We are at war with modern-day Bolsheviks; winning is not optional.)

You can download my book for free (PDFWord) and pass it on. The Word version is aimed at educators who may wish to excerpt it an annotate it. Now it is censored by Amazon, why not ensure you have your copy ready to pass out when the election fraud is impossible to avoid or deny?

Book burning is an ugly thing, yet we all have our personal presses with our computers and even printers. The musket has been usurped by the message — whether email or social media. I have made some deceit piercing ammo, but my own delivery gun is temporarily broken.

You now have to do the firing on my behalf!