New version of free download ​- Open Your Mind to Change

“Absolutely essential reading for every person of conscience on the Earth”
— Robert David Steele

Ten days ago I announced a collection of ten essays that lay out the history and context of The Storm and the Great Awakening. I am in the middle of the process of turning them into a “proper” paperback and e-book. Since we are playing “information warfare” — and not “book publishing” — I am sharing the ongoing improvements with you as they become available.

The feedback on the first version was very positive. You can read the draft foreward (with the above quote) by Robert David Steele here. With the help of Shelley Allen of Ruthless Red Pen I have a considerably improved manuscript available for you to download.

To download the FREE “Open Your Mind to Change” essay collection as a Word document, click here: Open Your Mind to Change v1-2 FINAL.docx.

The vast election fraud backed by the Chinese Communist Party (and other enemies) cannot be allowed to result in a puppet government in the United States. A combination of the Insurrection Act of 1807, Executive Directive 51, Executive Order on September 12, 2018 plus the 14th Amendment mean that Job Biden has a 0% chance of becoming President.

A lot of deceived people are going to have their sense of reality shredded in the very near future as Donald Trump is formally re-elected. These ten essays are meant to assist in re-grounding them into rational empirical objectivity. In particular, they are a crash course in propaganda, psychopathic culture, and fighting evil.

We are at war, and the only thing that matters is winning it (at the least cost to humanity).

Please feel free to re-upload and share this content as you see fit — forgiveness trumps permission.