New Vanguard Visionaries interview

Questions on the topic of ‘Spiritual Warfare & Ascension’

I did an interview back in March with Alexander RaSOL on the Great Awakening. Last week I did a follow-up on matters spiritual. I have switched focus not because I have the answers, but because I am having to upgrade the questions I am asking myself. The bio-information war we are embroiled in is fundamentally based on the spiritual subversion of humanity, so that we are enslaved to ends that serve only those who wish to exploit us.

The video is up on YouTube (who knows for how long!), and is embedded below.

Here are the questions and the notes I made, so you know what we cover…

1. What got you started on a quest for spiritual wisdom?

  • personal struggles and suffering
  • telecoms experience (“naked emperors” everywhere)
  • Great Awakening and Covid

2. How do you see the spiritual awakening process?

  • Context is tyranny: right vs righteous distinction, false morality and false logic of religion, “all that there is” rather than illusions of the collective mind
  • a process of letting go of what isn’t, rather than gaining superpowers of telepathy, prophesy, clairvoyance

3. What does “God” mean to you?

  • higher-order systems, some not observable
  • state of consciousness with natural flow, like a stream
  • presence of liberating covenant with all of existence, absence of evil that attempts to partition all that there is into a sub-universe to control via contracts

4. Where do you sit in respect to Christianity and other faiths?

  • anything ending “-ism” isn’t it, must be ideology
  • don’t take the name in vain — you really do have to pick up your cross and sacrifice
  • a lot of pew sitters and those seeking respectability

5. What’s the spiritual path you see ahead?

  • Separate from the Babylonians and Romans
  • personal transparency and healing
  • wider societal reform to put the whole-y back in the driving seat