A Q-urious Great Awakening

Vanguard Visionaries interview available with Alexander RaSOL

Martin Geddes Vanguard Visionaries Interview

There are various people I interact with and learn from “off stage” — and who generally remain unseen. In this case one has decided to take up a more visible public persona and do interviews, and I have decided to agree to one to support his endeavours.

It’s on YouTube, so there’s a good chance that it will be censored before you watch it. Hurry! No dissent or free thought is ever allowed on Big Tech for long…

As I had the questions in advance I made notes, which are reproduced below.

1) Please tell us about your personal Awakening, and the circumstances surrounding/prompting/triggering it.  

Tension between the group orthodoxy and the individual in society

  • Orthodoxy – British native, scholarship to private school, Oxford, corporate — Oracle, Sprint, BT; marriage, car, house with mortgage, travel, recognition
  • Individual – coming out in 30s, “off-piste” career in 40s doing pioneering computer science (crashed with being a “conspiracy theorist”); health issues; reviled in press and heavily censored as “QAnon extremist”
  • Pattern of “awake” friends had setbacks — unjabbed; “asleep” ones got more conventional success — jabbed; jarred into awareness by difficulties that forced questioning
  • Public answer is a partial picture; some bits of life are appropriately private

Awakening is a process… not a moment. Comes in phases.

Foundational — child

  • Mother – JWs
  • Father not; wedding
  • Mother – Religion vs Father – Science
  • Bigger cosmology than either parent

Skeptical normie — teens and 20s

  • Rigged game for “technopeasants”; society needs some “winners”
  • Father’s union – corrupt
  • Media – propaganda, but with some truth
  • Finance – organised theft

2001 — aged 30 — lived in Overland Park, KS in USA — “swallowed the lie”

  • Read The Economist
  • Watched Hollywood
  • Ate McDonalds

Questioning — late 30s

  • Saw cultural decline; no longer watched TV, movies
  • Illegal wars (Afghanistan, Iraq)
  • Alternative and hidden history (esp WW2)
  • “Not the Joos” — Something bigger is “off”

Conspiracy theorist — early 40s

  • 9/11 – didn’t stack up
  • Two years checking out the “official” story
  • Endless YT vids; many other paths found
  • Corruption, psychopathy, evil
  • Occultism and the esoteric

Professional Naked Emperor Investigator

  • Telecoms – looking for foundations (like Turing and Von Neumann did for computability) — a “theory of information translocatability”
  • Industry with no unit of supply and demand; unable to reason about safety margin
  • Insane model of resources; throw quantity at all quality problems; uncontrolled quality
  • Missing basic science and engineering; full of naked emperors; experience and confidence building in “going solo” against orthodoxy
  • Apollo — Wagging the Moondoggie – Dave McGowan; colleagues aghast at me questioning the official narrative

Dissident — late 40s

  • Younger brother in California – told him “something is very wrong” – I became “mad” older brother
  • Wondered why no response to 9/11 lies
  • Trump – indifferent at first
  • Q op — “aha! This is the response!”
  • Applied my professional skills at decomposing big problems into small pieces and finding any misalignment

Have learned to only recount “this is my perception of the truth”; not make absolute claims about the world.

2) Please share which techniques or practices were most valuable/useful/successful in getting you through those ‘dark nights of the Soul’ and ‘rough spots’ – and epiphanies, downloads, lucid dreams, and Visions as well — during your Awakening Journey, and helped you to integrate those experiences into your expanded daily life as an Awakened Starseed, and Mission Specialist for this Planetary Ascension.  

My gift – “seer”; information athlete; almost synaesthesic ability to see structure and alignment.

“The stress” — genocide, censorship, economic warfare, relationship breakdown, betrayal, ostracism, libel in national press, wobbly health, separation from children, info bombardment, psychological warfare, potential targeting; autist “curse of genius” – isolation. Results in overwhelm.

Negative ways of dealing with stress and pain — “born-again virgin” for 108th time as distraction; “adventures and misadventures” – not place to recount my mishaps.

Positive ways:

  • Daily walk; photos; art — rebalance intellectual and intuitive — gratitude and in the present moment; move and create!
  • Weekly routine; special day for me — BUT all de-clocked and de-calendared
  • Say no to stuff that doesn’t serve you; stopped doing interviews for a long time; no guilt in rejecting a call from someone if I don’t feel like talking
  • Hang out with people who “vibe high”; stay away from those who drain you
  • Get help when you fall. I have fallen and needed help. Got up again. Ordinary.

Epiphany – already “there”; only need to be me; divine self vs ego self; everyone is doing their best and it’s not personal; only work with the willing and able, don’t try to change others.

Do have dreams but rarely remember them. My magic is in the “information slam” — relax, visualise how it is all interconnected (synthesis). Dead easy for me, hard for others. Shows up in my art.

3) Are there any specific writers, bloggers, social media broadcasters, or other spiritual channels or guides that you can recommend to our listeners, whose information helped you ‘wake up’ to the Higher Vibrational perspectives, realities, and timelines?  

I don’t read books. Lack the focus. Haven’t read anything other than the odd manual in many years. Not even “the handbook”; favour deeds over words. Catch up on the theory later!

Mostly work by having lots of conversations and reading shorter articles and essays. Anything that challenges my thinking and takes me outside of my comfort zone is good. Don’t have to believe it!

Don’t identify with any specific spiritual path. “Searchian” — always searchin’ for answers.

Music — Man of No Ego — Osho (Blinkers Removed) and Alan Watts (Web of Life)

YouTube — Mark Passio — occult

Social media — too diverse to say, but stay with people who are respectful and open-minded; playfulness is a good sign. If they tell you how specially clever or enlightened they are — run away. The real deal never needs to advertise like that; humble = curious, open-minded, learning… so wisdom.

Bottom line: listen to people who believe in “true” and “false” plus “good” and “evil”; discard the rest.

4) What is your personal Vision for our New Earth after this current Transitional Phase is completed? What would be your ideal Way of BEing if you yourself were designing the new social structures, lifestyles and ways we interact with each other in Humanity’s Love-based future? What do you envision as a ‘typical day in the life’ of us Terrans in, say, 2035?

Impossible to know what upheavals we face — evacuated to another planet!
Inversion of “slave workers, lab rats, bush meat” version of humanity
Self-sovereign, informed/consenting, resourced

Three key changes:

  • Children at the heart of all we do; not predating on young
  • Money relegated to a minor role; a lubricant like WD40
  • Very low tolerance for lies; leads to death and destruction

Vast cultural renaissance; more important than tech (which like money only solves a certain class of problem)

Social gift economy; WWG1WGA means all who deserve to be fed are not hungry

Post-“green”; concept of nature that integrates us rather than opposes us

Day in the near future…

  • blurring of work and leisure; “it’s all play” — working and playing hard come closer together
  • less emphasis on screens; not a “smart, AI, VR” future as pushed at us by technofascists
  • huge legacy clean-up from this war which will take generations, and be a significant focus of our efforts