Interview with Mark Attwood

My first interview in a year and a wide-ranging discussion of world affairs

I stopped doing interviews in order to keep a slightly lower public profile — infamy has costs as well as benefits — and keep my stress level in line with my available energy. Whenever I scheduled something I spent the whole day feeling anxious beforehand, couldn’t start any other activities needing prolonged concentration, and was exhausted afterwards from giving it my all. Then there are the hundreds of emails that can turn up from a successful interview…

There are times to make exceptions, and I have made one to talk to Mark Attwood for 95 minutes today. I am still fretting, overloaded, and knackered — and no doubt will get a deluge of correspondence — but there was a very specific purpose in talking to Mark and a message I wanted to share. Mark runs an Internet marketing business (sign up for his course via by subscribing to the list) and he and his team have an ethos and higher calling that closely aligns to mine.

Our conversation ranged across Q, spirituality, ETs, the Great Awakening, the Cult of Covid, censorship, information war, and innovative blockchain business models. I think you will enjoy it.

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