High-fidelity quality attenuation analytics

I have uploaded an introduction to high-fidelity quality attenuation analytics to SlideShare.
Communications Service Providers are seeking to increase their profitability and return on assets. To achieve this, they need to know when they must buy more network capacity. Insufficient (or misconfigured) capacity results in poor customer experiences that drive churn, whilst excess capacity wastes money. These investment decisions are often made today using network measurement and analytics processes.

My colleagues at Predictable Network Solutions Ltd have created a measurement technique that supports a fundamentally new approach to this cost/performanceoptimisation problem. First, they extract the critical aspects of network performance using minimally-intrusive and high-fidelity measurement. Then, they apply a well-honed scientific process to identify potential improvements whose performance and cost are both quantified.Standard techniques fail to capture enough fidelity, and hence incorrectly model the relationship between network performance and customer experience. This results in a significant misallocation of capital, and loss of control over the customer experience.The presentation is a technical sales deck for the NetHealthCheck™ service, and describes the value of high-fidelity analytics. We usually talk clients through it, so I have annotated it to make it read as a stand-alone document.

Why should you care? This service enabled the doubling of a key performance metric for one large UK mobile operator with no capital spending — in just a week! We can’t promise to make this impact every time, but if an optimisation of that size is available inside your network, then we will find it. These techniques have been successfully used for many other clients, from small cell deployments to particle supercollider experiments.

If you are interested in making large gains in network cost and performance by exploiting our unique approach, do get in touch.

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