And banned by Barnes & Noble, too!

It’s almost as if someone doesn’t want you to read what I have to say…

According to Barnes & Noble’s publisher portal my book is for sale…

Barnes and Noble book for sale - Martin Geddes

But when customers click the link it has been de-existed:

My name doesn’t show up in the search, either. So I got to sell it for about a week.

As usual I have the cost of setup on another platform, lost sales (and financial stress), website updates, notification newsletters, team coordination for relaunch, and correspondence with people who can’t find my work due to broken links. I don’t get to build up reviews and reputation. Inbound links from social media are dead ends now, wasting my promotional effort. The energy that would go into other productive activities is instead diverted into the drudgery of repair work.

This nonstop deplatforming (without cause, notification, or due process) is criminal racketeering; I am the victim of a crime here. I am never once given a reason or a rule that has been broken, because I have not broken any. At some point I will be owed large compensation claims for breach of contract; managers in these companies will end up going to jail, and that’s when the game ends. The trolls will also end up getting sued for tortious interference.

The “liberal” intelligentsia is the biggest bunch of hypocrites in history — they should never be taken seriously on matters of free speech and censorship ever again. May their comeuppance come soon, as this is getting tiresomely repetitive. I am excluded from large chunks of society simply by having perfectly lawful opinions that are not in conformity with the Official Progressive Narrative™.

My sales of calendars are also down on last year, when I was approaching 1/4 million followers on Twitter at this time. Now I have a fraction of that following on Gab, having been deplatformed by Twitter with no warning or recourse. My civil rights — such as the ability to interact with companies and public figures — have been seriously infringed.

If you are outraged at my treatment, then why not download a copy of my book for free at and spread it around on social media or email it to a few friends? It must contain something that really scares those crooks who have been running our society! Maybe they don’t like people understanding the battle of good vs evil, or the deceived being taught what discerning thought looks like?

This censorship is designed to not only stop people reading my work, but also to deny me a passive income to cover my costs and let me keep creating new work. I am constantly kept in a state of insecurity as each endeavour to earn a living is systematically undermined. Even silly stuff like hiring someone to bring some furniture up some stairs becomes a burdensome cost when you’re under economic attack.

If you want to support me financially, there are three ways to do it:

You can also buy one of the remaining collectible NFTs and banned Amazon first imprints (prices are 700, 1400, 2800 ALGO for the next three — around $1300, $2600, and $5200) — for details. My share of income from these will be used to fund a small documentary filmmaking project on longstanding corruption in the medical world. More details soon.

The good news is Barnes & Noble are stupid, and have already shipped to me over 100 copies of this (now banned) second imprint, which I can auction off at the right time as rare collectibles. Censorship only makes me more determined to get the word out and overcome the obstacles put in my path. We are being forced to “break the old system”, and in the process will create new platforms and publishers who obsolete these corporate tyrants.

My job is to bring nice things into the world, and book burning is ugly. So to sign off with beauty instead, have a pretty autumnal picture that I took earlier today…

Autumn park in England