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The Silent War and Digital Soldiers

“Dark power” conceals itself in order to sustain itself. We are in a Silent War to expose and eliminate it. Digital soldiers fight against corruption.

Alternative media recommended by my Twitter followers

A collection of resources offered without endorsement to help you diversify your information sources.

Would any of these stunning claims be newsworthy?

What are the claims being made in the Q drops, who is making them, and would just the existence of such claims — regardless of merit — be newsworthy?

Q561: It’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true

Is the mass media multiple independent sources of journalism, or just one voice pretending to offer varying objective perspectives? Q561 is our clue.

Deconstructing mind control: The Guardian on #QAnon

As an exercise, let’s take apart one article from The Guardian newspaper on #QAnon. Is it legitimate journalism or unethical mind control?

Why #QAnon is the biggest story in the history of journalism

The Q drops contain the most explosive revelations of corruption and high-level crime in history. The mass media is complicit… so want to cover it up.