Would any of these stunning claims be newsworthy?

What are the claims being made in the Q drops, who is making them, and would just the existence of such claims — regardless of merit — be newsworthy?

Would any of these stunning claims be newsworthy?

“I’m not upset that you lied to me,
I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

A week ago I wrote an article suggesting #QAnon is the biggest story in the history of journalism. It summarises some of the eye-popping claims in the first 50 Q drops (out of 3867 to date). The mass media refuses to report on the content of these information drops, inquire about the identity of Q, or ask President Trump if he endorses Q’s claims.

I think we can guess why. We and they all know the answer, and it’s one which is existentially bad for the crooked press. Remember, a half truth is a whole lie.

As I sit on an aircraft with an hour or two to fill, and my laptop has a copy of the Q drops, here are some highlights from the next 50+ drops. Would any of these CLAIMS (forget the substance) in themselves be newsworthy if they actually came from the Trump administration?

  • Hillary Clinton instructed Huma Abedin to break the law with regard to HRC’s emails.
  • The CIA has active operators in the mainstream media working in collaboration with the DNC.
  • The (criminal shadow) government has been committing false flag attacks against citizens to advance its agenda.
  • Obama would not allow the US military to destroy ISIS.
  • The Uranium One deal with Russia was corrupt and implicated the Obama administration at the highest levels.
  • Canada has been working as an enabling partner for this corruption. The Senate has (legitimately) been conducting secret sessions under the cover of national security.
  • Obama’s ability to buy expensive properties comes from his kickbacks, not his Presidential salary or legitimate income.
  • Pelosi’s net worth cannot be accounted for from her public salary and statements.
  • John McCain did not have the surgery he claimed to have.
  • Most philanthropic foundations associated with politicians are just fronts for money laundering.
  • There are plans to bring unparalleled prosperity to the public (after corruption is purged).
  • President Trump will tweet “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….” to signal a major offensive event and validate Q.
  • Top Democrat and Republican politicians and advisors are closely connected to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.
  • The Snopes.com “fact checking” site is paid-for propaganda.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States government.
  • Treacherous senior politicians travel the world on the taxpayer’s expense for face-to-face meetings to avoid surveillance.
  • The mainstream media misleads the public by not reporting any of the positive aspects of Trump’s global diplomacy and peace-making.
  • Saudi Arabia has been a major hub of crime and corruption — including human trafficking — and this is being cleaned up with cooperation from the Trump administration.
  • Social media companies are preparing for a complete shutdown and/or mass censoring to prevent the public having the information the need to understand what is going on.
  • Social media is eroding the ability of the mass media to control the narrative, and hence is the key battleground.
  • There are sealed Federal orders lodged to prevent treasonous activity by these companies working to dupe the public.
  • There are fewer than 10 people effectively running the USA right now, and 7 of these are military. In other words, there is a de facto military government in place to deal with the corruption.
  • Twitter and other social media blackouts have been anticipated and will be dealt with. (Read: these corrupt platforms are going to be under US military control.)
  • The public should expect outages of these platforms as the mass awakening happens to the scale of the corruption.
  • Those involved in this corruption have been given a choice and deadline (submit or be eliminated/brought to justice).
  • There have been threats to take down the whole Internet by the Deep State.
  • There may be power blackouts as the hammer falls and the fight breaks into the visible sphere: “Should the lights go out please know we are in control. Do not panic.”
  • There are treasonous government agencies in the US working to track the location of the President (so he can be assassinated).
  • The CIA is a rogue agency as does not work for or report to the US President.
  • 9-11 was not what it seems and the authorised escape of certain aircraft is important.
  • John Podesta’s aircraft has been forced to land by military planes.
  • Soros’s “charity” is a $18bn slush fund to pay for escape from justice, fund bribes, and keep rogue contractors in business.
  • John Kerry is a traitor.
  • Huma Abedin is a major actor in organised crime (presumably a handler tied to HRC).
  • The Bush crime family is closely involved in corruption with Saudi Arabia.
  • The Q drops are the biggest authorised disclosure of classified information in history.
  • Some of the cash Obama sent to Iran was “dropped off” on the way
  • (presumably to fund the kickbacks).
  • The takedown of the Trump Twitter account was not accidental as claimed.
  • The missile near Hawaii was a “live” attack.
  • We’re seeing a global anti-corruption purge that runs from Saudi Arabia, the to the US, next to Asia, and finally to Europe.
  • MS-13 is a mercenary military force imported into the USA.
  • Obama and every one of his cabinet members had an illegal private email address for government communications to avoid laws on data retention and transparency.
  • Obama OK’d HRC’s illegal email use.
  • The CIA has been running illegal mass surveillance computer systems.
  • The CIA (“Cocaine Import Agency”) is closely tied to two Mexican drug cartels. They are in the same business.
  • The wall is to help prevent a literal invasion from the south by MS-13 combatants (among other uses).
  • Seth Rich was a “hit” to punish whistleblowing (presumably by the DNC).
  • James Comey, as FBI director, helped to cover up the Clinton Foundation’s activities in Haiti which involved the disappearance of children.
  • Very little of the Clinton Foundation money for relief for Haiti was spent on its intended purpose.
  • The Las Vegas shooting is tied to events in Saudi Arabia and MS-13.
  • The declassified files on JFK contain important and relevant clues to current events.
  • The survivors of the Las Vegas shooting have something suspicious in common.
  • Hillary Clinton was herself just a controlled asset, but following her failed attempt at rigging the election she’s been left to dangle by her handlers and is/was fighting for her life.
  • Obama and Hillary made a lot of deals and incurred a lot of debts with criminals… that they cannot pay now out of power.
  • The President is appealing to the public to spread the word about these crimes.
  • General Flynn is a critical node in the take-down of the Deep State (which explains him being targeted).
  • There are a lot of “puppets” in this game— which has some interesting interpretations (Just blackmailed assets? Mind-controlled slaves??! Clones?!!)
  • Andersen Cooper and his family have close ties to the CIA-control of the mass media.
  • The Queen of England is corrupt.
  • Princess Diana did not die due to the stated reasons, and was fleeting corrupt actors.
  • The Mayor of London (Khan) is corrupt.
  • Angela Merkel is tied to corrupt secret societies in Germany.
  • Migrants are being weaponised in Europe to undermine society.
  • Many of our leaders are openly Satanists and wear an upside-down cross to show their allegiance.
  • Many military and civilian operators have secretly and silently put themselves in harm’s way to save the rest of us.
  • The corruption is so bad that “The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.”
  • 8chan/8kun have been secured as military assets in this war.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are all corrupt and owned by criminal actors.
  • Those with controlling stakes in NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN are all corrupt. Ditto the investors in Fox News.
  • Obama was a puppet. Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia funded him.
  • The financing of 9-11 tells us who really did it.
  • There was vast insurance fraud that day.
  • The mainstream media falsely portrays the country as divided in order to foment fear and conflict, hence to enable criminal control.
  • The Bush family attacks Trump because he is outing them as criminals.
  • The NSA has tracked all of the communications where the controlled mass media is given its daily narrative talking points.
  • Every time there’s bad news for the Democrats, they stage another false flag shooting by someone mentally disturbed.
  • US Presidential elections were bought an paid for for decades.
  • Trump, Reagan, and JFK have been the only ones to resist criminal control.
  • The campaign against voter ID is to allow voter fraud to continue.
  • The open border is needed to import people to act as fraudulent voters.
  • Voting machines are compromised and rigged.
  • Racism is just used as an accusation to subdue political opponents; the accusers are the real racists and the Democrats are still the party of the KKK and slavery.
  • The Titanic’s sinking was a fraud (comparable to 9-11).

I think that’s enough for now. My laptop battery is getting low, and the turbulence of this flight above Storm Dennis is getting worse. As just a small slice of the Q drops and their content, this should give you a sense of what (if you’ve not been paying attention) you might have been missing.

I think this tweet captures the thought well…

Praying for those who only follow MSM

Remember… you don’t need to agree or disagree with any of these claims. You just have to account for the media’s non-reporting of them. Let’s suppose for a moment you reject them. What then matters is the source of the claims.

If it is a senior source in the US Government, then it would obviously be newsworthy. Trump retweeting outrageous false claims would be grounds to attack him based on the facts. Yet no such attack is forthcoming. How so?

If it was a foreign government, say Russian intelligence, producing the Q drops, then wouldn’t that be explosively newsworthy? It would substantiate so many allegations of foreign interference in US affairs! But nobody seems to want to investigate. How so?

If it was some hoaxer capturing Trump’s base via these falsehoods, seducing them with far-fetched tales, wouldn’t it be a journalistic scoop to expose that jester? Yet nobody can seem to uncover who they are. How so?

If you agree that QAnon is “a sprawling, endlessly complicated pro-Trump conspiracy theory [that] has jumped from fringe social media sites to mainstream attention”, and these claims are false, why doesn’t the media use these false claims to destroy the legitimacy of Donald Trump to be President?

Maybe, just maybe, that is because these claims both come from the Trump administration and are true? This would imply the legacy mass media is corrupt in its entirety, and is spinning a web of lies to cover up the truth.

Now that would definitely be newsworthy… at least to citizen journalists.

#TheStorm is soon upon us.