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How ‘hazards’ drive broadband economics

The kernel of the recent Fit-for-Business Broadband workshop that I co-hosted was a model of how the broadband business creates value for users. This newsletter presents the model, and points out a few things that are not so obvious in prospect, but are useful to think about when considering broadband economics. What is perhaps most valuable is […]

Why voice is the next big internet wave

I have written a guest article for Gigaom on why voice is the next big thing in communications. It suggests eight “megatrends” that will change how we relate to voice: Available every “wear.” Private and secure. Smartphone-native. Application-embedded features. Beyond the “call.” Augmented memory & total recall. Your intelligent voice assistant. Accessible to all.

EU votes to protect Google and Netflix from telecoms charges

Google, Netflix and other internet companies are celebrating a political victory over telecoms network operators after MEPs approved legislation that would ban extra charges for delivering particular types of data such as video. Interesting article by By Christopher Williams, Technology, Media and Telecoms Editor.  Read on to hear my views on the subject. Read More  

The Great Telco Debate

The Great Telco Debate – London, 26th June I have agreed to participate in what I feel will be one of the most interesting telecoms conferences of 2014.It is The Great Telco Debate, a series of staged (and potentially heated) conversations about the future of telecoms. The participants are the industry’s top independent analysts, so you’re getting a fresh […]

Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop slides

Fit-for-Business Broadband Workshop – Summary Slides I have uploaded selected introduction and summary slides from the Fit-for-Business Broadband workshop I facilitated last week. The workshop is concerned with how to build, buy and sell business broadband services. It explains the key issues, and gives outline answers to the core questions.

Demand Attentive Networks

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has recently issued an important report on Demand Attentive Networks (DAN). (For details and to download a free copy, click here.) I believe this report reflects a major telecoms industry structural shift, from a supply-push to a demand-pull model, which may in turn trigger a significant industry restructuring. I […]

How the broadband farmers and cowmen can be friends

How the broadband farmers and cowmen can be friends The farmer and the cowman should be friends, Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends. One man likes to push a plough, the other likes to chase a cow, But that’s no reason why they cain’t be friends. – Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein A previous post explained […]

How to X-ray a telecoms network

When a human feels a persistent pain, they go to the doctor, who will attempt to diagnose its cause. One of the great advances in medicine was the ability to cheaply and non-invasively see inside the body using X-rays, resulting in rapid and accurate diagnosis. When a telecoms network is sick due to poor performance, […]

Google and American Airlines

A pointer to the future A few years ago I wrote a white paper predicting that communications services like telephony, email and messaging would evolve to service the needs of enterprises wishing to interact with their customers. A small harbinger of that future just arrived in my inbox today.

Introduction to ‘ultracomputing’

I have been working with several clients in the SDN/NFV space, all of whom are trying to make sense of the transformation to the ‘software telco’. The challenge they all face is that our future distributed computing needs are qualitatively different in scale compared to the past. That in turn dictates that a whole new skill […]