Archives for January 2014

High-fidelity quality attenuation analytics

I have uploaded an introduction to high-fidelity quality attenuation analytics to SlideShare. Communications Service Providers are seeking to increase their profitability and return on assets. To achieve this, they need to know when they must buy more network capacity. Insufficient (or misconfigured) capacity results in poor customer experiences that drive churn, whilst excess capacity wastes money. These investment decisions […]

What kind of ‘network freedom’ do users want?

The US appeals court has rightly thrown out an attempt by the Federal Communication Commission to impose common carriage regulation on broadband ISPs. Both the language and conceptual tools being used by both sides to argue their case fail to reflect the actual nature of broadband. Specifically, historical ideas of ‘carriage’ for physical objects are […]

A new narrative for broadband

Over the past few months, I’ve had a number of conversations that have crystallised for me why broadband truly matters, and why I am in this business. I would like to share those thoughts with you. There is a famous quote from management guru Peter Drucker: “The purpose of business is to create and keep […]

White paper: Slow Data versus Quick Data

I have published a new white paper on how the under-appreciated risks of big data and cloud computing could kill your business. Here is the summary: Big Data requires Slow Data and Quick Data, and you need to put these in the right place to increase rewards and reduce risks. CIOs should be concerned about […]

Operational Integration Standards (OIS)

In a recent newsletter I wrote about the ‘industrial telco’. This is in contrast to today’s paradigm of the ‘medieval craft telco’, where every network is created as one-off bespoke activity, together with the supporting systems. As promised, I am digging into one of the opportunity areas that I highlighted. The operational integration of systems […]