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Geddes helps communications service providers to create advanced personal communications and broadband services. With a little fresh thinking, you can conjure new value from existing assets. Our team has the vision, thinking and relationships you won’t find elsewhere.

Geddes. Fresh thinking.

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Networks need to cover their operational costs, as well as their cost of replacement. This needs to happen without any magical leaps in the rate of technological progress. Yet we're building broadband supply in a way that is mismatched to demand, and is creating unsustainable technical and economic structures.

We can help you navigate through these pitfalls and develop sustainable revenue generating networks.

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The familiar technical and economic structures of circuit voice are corroding and dissolving. In their place, new delivery systems and business models are emerging. A new ‘post-telephony’ era is beginning, which opens up a whole new realm of opportunity.

We can help you understand what creates value in personal communications and how to translate this into innovative, profitable services.

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Cheap information is the raw material of the cloud revolution. To exploit this resource, communications service providers must re-think both their application and access offers. Delivering these new information-rich services in a timely and reliable manner raises a new class of service design and operational issues.

We can help youunderstand the hidden business opportunities and complex technical hazards of cloud-based communications services.

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