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Geddes helps communications service providers to create advanced personal communications and broadband services. With a little fresh thinking, you can conjure new value from existing assets. Our team has the vision, thinking and relationships you won’t find elsewhere.

Geddes. Fresh thinking.

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Network operators are upgrading their networks with virtualised resources under software control. This introduces a new class of performance hazards, which require contractual and operational management. Network performance science allows us to manage the hazards and to lower risk.

We can help you to manage the risks of an SDN/NFV world.

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The goal of every broadband service provider is to run the network as ‘hot’ as possible whilst still offering sufficient isolation between users. We apply the state of the art in network scheduling to create the optimum allocation of resources.

We can help you to create a highly differentiated QoE and cost structure.

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Traditional voice and messaging services are facing long-term decline. However, a new generation of innovative services offers new revenue potential. We have the best available map of the value-added personal communications services terrain.

We can help you to develop innovative voice and messaging products.

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