Update on my many legal and freedom projects

I have a lot of anti-corruption and pro-law adventures ongoing

If you leave your children a world where you never stood up they'll inherit a world where they can't

I haven’t done a Substack post in a few weeks, which is unusual for me, and I already have people writing to me checking I am OK (which I am). This gap is mostly because I have been doing quiet legal work behind the scenes, and not writing about it in public. December is also the time for some family downtime, and right now I am on my traditional New Year break week with old friends.

I wrote a draft article a week or two ago moaning how tedious it is dealing with dishonourable people in authority all the time, but decided that it was only for my emotional benefit, not your enlightenment, so I didn’t post it! As the end of 2023 is fast approaching, I would nonetheless like to give you an update on the key campaigning matters I am involved in personally.

Council Tax — Durham County Council

In October I went to Peterlee Magistrates’ Court to attend a fake and unlawful hearing where the staff and judges committed several crimes in front of my witnesses in the public gallery. Another defendant saw one judge arriving in the same car as the claimant from the council, which is a serious crime of misconduct in a public office. We are slowly working towards an official complaint. I wrote to the court asking them to preserve CCTV evidence and got a brush-off, but it’s the cover-up that always sinks them.

Meanwhile, I have written to the Chief Executive of Durham County Council in November, with a notice that demands evidence of their claim that a liability order exists, and reminding them that attempting to collect money without a lawful order is a crime. They have continued to harass me for money via post, and now they are in trouble. A recent High Court case between a Mr Leighton and debt collectors Bristow & Sutor has changed the game: Mr Leighton was awarded £4,000 for the same situation because the debt collectors were unable to provide paperwork.

I am in the process of gathering evidence from the court of the corruption and lack of due process. I have received a partial answer to some of my questions, and I have more to submit. They are doing everything possible to drag their feet, give incomplete responses, or pretend not to understand the requests. But it just digs and ever deeper hole, and draws in more administrators who think they are above the law, but don’t realise that the times are changing and treasonous fake administrative courts are about to go out of fashion.

My next step is to do the second part of the estoppel process (opportunity to cure) with the council and notify of my intent to sue for damages (fulfilling the pre-action protocol). I am owed at least £8,000 now from Durham County Council for their criminal activity against me with a fraudulent and corrupt debt enforcement system. These fake orders will be voided, as there is no paperwork, and I now have supporting case law. This is the beginning of the end for Council Tax, which is the surface manifestation of a neo-feudal system where we spend all our lives sending rent payments to the Crown because we lack clear title to our own country and land.

Power utilities and court corruption

I recently wrote up my experience of going to court as an observer in the case of Andrew Stephenson vs Northern Powergrid, where a judge was manifestly biased against a litigant in person and ignored the law, imposing his own desire to punish the victim and support the establishment no matter what. The same judge is presiding over my own appeal in the case of TV Licensing (more below). I have written up a witness statement on what I observed that day, and the wrongs of the judge, notably his refusal to adjudicate on the central matter brough before him. I don’t want to tip my hand in public, but let’s just say that 2024 may not be the best one of his career.

Meanwhile, Mr Stephenson has applied to the next court level up for an appeal, as this is a serious miscarriage of justice. I have been doing some support work in the background to wordsmith the filings, so as to have the maximum impact on the reader. If energy company gangsters can use fake warrants when they have no standing to cut one person off from the power grid, leaving him with electric shocks, they can do it to anyone. We are in a very lawless state right now, with many courts having abandoned any pretence at blind justice.

TV Licensing — BBC and Capita fraud

I sued TV Licensing for unpaid invoices for my correspondence services, having turned the tables on their usual bullying. In the process I accidentally exposed a criminal fraud: they are presenting “TV Licensing” as a legal person, when it is not, in order to send the revenues to the BBC, and the risks to their sub-contractor Capita. Standing was (wrongly) granted to Capita in their set aside application by a judge who was confused but not crooked. The same dodgy judge as above is now on my appeal, and is showing clear signs of bias against me, including threatening me with costs.

I have done all the requested filings recently, nonetheless, by the solstice deadline, which was a horrible job but someone has to do it. Let’s just say that steps are being taken to ensure that a fair-minded adjudicator is brought into play. I now have a prospective claim against Capita for breaking the Data Protection Act by acting as controller. This is their worst nightmare come true if a court orders that “TV Licensing” is just an alias for the BBC, and makes a criminal referral, as who knows how many cases have been falsely assigned to Capita.

Clean Air Zone — Newcastle City Council

I have received three penalty charge notices from Newcastle City Council for daring to drive my Ford Escort van into the city, despite private cars being exempt. I am fighting for an important principle in law, which is not only to conserve our common law right to travel freely without highway robbery. By declaring my “car derived van” to be a van, not a car, they have broken a key principle of the rules of equity, elevating form (van shape) over substance (it’s a Ford Escort with the same emissions as any other). I am entitled to equal treatment, given equal emissions.

One of my appeals is now with the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, and the other two may soon follow. I am about to schedule a video session with the adjudicator to make a full argument that the council may have followed its own policy, but in doing so it has broken the law, including various international treaty obligations. They steal our rights and sell them back to us one small step at a time, and I have a corner case where I am in a good position to push back and insist on the rule of law, not the law of rules. This is a test of the lawfulness of their private court.

Supreme Court and “Oculus Mundi”

did a Freedom of Information request to the Supreme Court asking why they had illuminati symbolism in the building’s architecture, and they referred me to the Ministry of Justice, who naturally have given me the brush-off, referring me to a book that does not contain the information I requested. I may need some help to read through this book so we can diligently say the answer to my questions is not contained in its pages, and then appeal.

Pirates of Palnackie

I wrote about the insane corruption in the small Scottish port town of Palnackie, and there has been plenty of goings on since then involving the “land mafia”. I will do a full update article soon, but the land registry approved a corrupt land deal despite one person who signed the documentation putting in writing that it was fraud. So the land registry is now drawn into the corruption scandal. There is an application to court to have the fake trustees acting unlawfully removed from having power. Various parties continue to behave badly, but I will save these juicy tales for January.

There is other stuff going on behind the scenes that I cannot talk about yet, but the time will come. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in this during 2023, and I look forward to a mega dose of truth and justice in 2024. We are making real progress in exposing these crooks and charlatans, and holding them to account. It just requires a boundless reservoir of perseverance, as their aim is to grind you down and make you give up. That’s not happening, so it may be a less than happy new year for those who have chosen to predate upon the public by abusing their official position.