#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon “red pill” websites now available

My 3 most popular articles on the global truth and justice movement now have their own website for “red pilling” those who are awakening from slumber.

#WWG1WGA, #TheStorm, and #QAnon "red pill" websites now available

Only a few years ago, I was writing exclusively about tech and telecoms issues— both science and policy. Then I went on a spiritual retreat to heal some soul wounds, and had a few epiphanies. One was that I wanted to be remembered for having a kind heart as much as, if not more than, a brutal intellect.

A consequence of that experience was that I expanded the scope of my writing to include more “human” and “humane” subjects. I would never have guessed where that new path would bring me to today. My newsletter audience has quadroupled in a year, my Twitter following gone from 7,000 to nearing 70,000, and my professional life is almost entirely focused on the movement for truth and justice.

Three articles I have written in the past 18 months have caught the attention of a wider public audience. We also appear to be at the precipice of the “hammer falling” in the United States, with declassification of key reports on massive government and political corruption. In anticipation of a further surge in audience, I have repackaged these “hit” articles for “red pill” use.

Simply click the image below to read each article.

WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event in History

This first article from mid-2018 introduces the Make America Great Again
(MAGA) movement as being a Second American Revolution, and puts the Q military intelligence operation into that context. It was censored by Medium after having more than a quarter of a million hits — along with 100+ other articles I had written — so I must be annoying the right crooks in Silicon Valley.

The Storm
The Storm: How to Prepare for a Global Corruption Purge?

This more recent article from August 2019 is deliberately more grounded in a “normie” paradigm, and eschews anything that is seen as “conspiracy theory”. It focuses on the global anti-corruption initiative, and the removal of two-tiered justice.

It ends with six key recommendations for action:

  • Sort your own personal affairs in order as a hygiene factor.
  • Set your moral compass now.
  • Expand your information sources.
  • Build your human network.
  • Manage your exposure.
  • Map the possible opportunities.

QAnon: The 4 functions of Q

This final article is the most recent — September 2019. The Q military intelligence project appears to have four goals, as far as one can tell from the outside:

  • A multi-year process to disclose secret illegal government activity.
  • A prophylactic against civil war and vigilante behaviour.
  • A training program in discernment and logical thinking.
  • An information weapon against institutionalised crime and corrupted

We are in a war between deception and discernment. We face a highly complex and confusing situation, during a socially stressful period in history. I have used all of my skill, experience, and passion to create these syntheses. I hope that history records me as being closer to discernment than deception as a result.

Where I have lapsed, may history’s judgement also be kind to me, as I have endeavoured to be kinder to others.